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Have you ever wanted to visit a website with all the information you need to lose weight and get fit? Justslimming.com offers a wealth of information on everything from green tea to the Atkins diet. The front page of the website appears safe enough. There are even diet pill reviews. We did not find any affiliate programs or supplements pushed on the website, so we assume revenue is created from Google and other ads. There is very little information on the weight loss supplements reviewed on Justslimming.com, but a complete list of ingredients is listed when available, making this free website worth a browse or two.

List of Ingredients

Diet reviews and articles on weight loss and weight loss supplements.

Product Features

Not every dieter is browsing the Internet for the next perfect diet or a weight loss supplement that will cause 20 pounds of weight loss overnight. Sometimes dieters are looking for information on a current diet or tips to break that weight loss plateau. Information is power when it comes to weight loss and Justslimming.com offers plenty of power.

The website is clearly a WordPress blog with updates starting in July 2010. This new website has hundreds of posts, reviews and more. Unlike so many other websites, the information provided is not associated with a specific brand of supplement or fitness product. In other words, Justslimming.com is not selling anything. The information is provided in an easy to read format, but is that information relevant and accurate?

We read through several articles on the Atkins diet published on Justslimming.com. The information is accurate, for the most part, but there is very little detail revealed in any of the articles. The information provided is an overview of readily known information. One article claimed to offer a list of Atkins diet foods and listed meat – that’s it.

The diet reviews do not detail each ingredient. Dieters need to know which ingredients are positive and which ingredients are negative. With this information they can look for the good ingredients in other supplements and stay away from the bad ingredients.

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  • Free website with information on dieting and supplements.
  • No affiliate products.


  • The articles are generic and offer no detailed information.
  • Supplement ingredients are not discussed individually.


Justslimming.com is a good effort, but a poor end product. The website is registered to the CEO of Epiphany, a marketing, research and web development company. We assume the website serves some purpose and it may even generate a bit of Google income, but there is no information on this website that the dieter couldn’t find on other free websites with detailed product descriptions and ingredient profiles.

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