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The Juxtagi Weight Loss studies were part of a scam to lure in people trying to lose weight. At least one advertisement for the study was posted on Craigslist, and potentially other websites, offering $1,800 to dieters who wished to try RezQ. RezQ is a weight loss product containing Resveratrol. Another version of the scam promises $1,600 after 30 days. Dieters are asked to pay shipping and handling for the weight loss supplement. The credit card is then charged multiple times with no contact from the company. None of the dieters signing up for the Juxtagi Weight Loss studies were ever paid for participating in the program, as far as we can tell from consumer response. The official website for the study has long since been removed from the Internet, but “Rip-off” reports still exist.

List of Ingredients

Resveratrol and other ingredients.

Product Features

There is no official website for the Juxtagi Weight Loss studies or RezQ. Interestingly, we found a weight loss supplement called ResV that contains resveratrol, but we cannot be certain the product is from the same company. The Juxtagi Weight Loss studies claimed to be recruiting dieters that weighed at least 110 pounds for a weight loss study paying between $1,600 and $1,800. The participants were asked to pay shipping and handling costs for the supplement. In exchange, study leaders would meet with the dieters four times during the weight loss period. During these meetings, the leaders would answer questions and help the dieters with any concerns they may have. Weight would be taken daily and recorded for the study.

Dieters signing up for the Juxtagi Weight Loss studies were scammed into paying for a supplement (which they did receive in most cases), but the credit card was charged multiple times after the shipping and handling charge. Dieters were never contacted for follow-ups and weight loss was never recorded. Some dieters lost more than $200 in the scam.

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  • No advantages are associated with the Juxtagi Weight Loss studies.


  • No ingredient list for RezQ was found online.
  • Resveratrol is not a weight loss ingredient.
  • Dieters never receive payment for participating in the study.
  • Scammers continued charging the credit card after the shipping and handling charge was paid.


The Juxtagi Weight Loss studies promised a huge sum of money for taking a supplement that contained resveratrol. The ingredient list was never revealed to the dieter. After paying for the weight loss supplement, dieters were charged additional fees and never contacted by the Juxtagi company for more information on personal meetings or to report weight loss. There are no official websites for the Juxtagi company or RezQ, so we assume this scam has been put to rest, though the company is likely out there promoting another product.

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