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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Jyze Pro is a spinning disc attached to two handles. The user pulls on the handles and spins the center disc. The object of the Jyze Pro is to keep the disc spinning at all times during a walk. The official Jyze Pro website offers photos and videos of the unit. Exercises and suggested workouts are available free. The faster the user pulls on the handles, the more intense the workout. Jyze Pro is made for use during lower body workouts to exercise upper body muscles. The link to the Jyze Pro shop is no longer valid so the dieter cannot order the Jyze Pro from the official website. The unit retails for $19.95 plus shipping and handling and comes with various resistance bands, workout guide and introduction DVD.

List of Ingredients

Spinning disc with handles for upper body workout.

Product Features

The Jyze Pro looks eerily similar to a kid’s toy. The handles attach to a center disc. Ropes are twisted, so the disc spins when the user pulls on the handles. The faster the user pulls the more resistance they feel on the next pull. There is no doubt the Jyze Pro will engage upper body muscles, but photos and videos all show the user walking while using the unit. If the dieter is out walking, chances are they have no trouble understanding the important of upper body workouts. Weight training should be a part of every weight loss exercise program. Weight training builds bone mass and helps improve metabolism, fat burn and sleep – all crucial to general health. The Jyze Pro is a limited device that would likely get boring after a few uses and end up being a toy.

The official Jyze Pro website is no longer functional, so the dieter cannot view other Jyze products or order the Jyze Pro fitness device. The price is relatively inexpensive, but if the dieter cannot order the product, the JyzeFit website is relatively useless.

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  • Works upper body muscles.
  • Simple to use.
  • The Jyze Pro is inexpensive.


  • The official order page does not work.
  • All videos show users performing exercise while using the Jyze Pro.
  • May grow boring after a few uses.
  • User must change resistance bands to increase intensity.


The Jyze Pro looks more like a toy than a fitness device. This could be the selling point for the unit, but the buyer cannot access the Jyze shop to purchase the product. Upper body exercise is important to weight loss, but weight training should be a part of every exercise program and weight training takes care of upper body strength. If the dieter uses the Jyze Pro to engage upper body muscles, they need to change up weight training programs to allow these muscles to rest between workouts.

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