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What You Should Know

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K-Biogreen is a purely natural and organic product. It does not contain any artificial or manufactured ingredients, colorings or preservatives and the official website claims it is used to cleanse and remove toxic substances from the body that can occur in your everyday environment. These toxic substances include various chemicals and harmful pesticides. K-Biogreen also promotes rejuvenation and immunity from common colds and bacteria by providing vital nutrients in which the body has been deprived. Websites compare the use of the product to adhering to a vegan lifestyle by increasing the intake of natural fruits and vegetables needed to sustain the normal healthy allowances required by the body. There are no reported side effects.


Shells of grains, white wheat, red wheat, buckwheat, wild rice, brown rice, concentrate of barley malt, corns of rye, wheat germs, organic oat, Mixture of different kind of beans: green lentils, red lentils, purple lentils, golden lentils, divided peas, green, French lentils, peanuts, soya beans, apricot kernels, walnuts, gingko, pumpkin seeds, lotus kernels, pine kernels, black sesame seeds, flax seed, spinach, carrots, yam root, mushrooms, pulverized juice of wheatgrass, pulverized juice of Alfalfa-grass, Astragalus-powder, spirulina algae bifido bacterium, chlorella algae powder, passion fruit extract, red dates, black dates, Euryales seeds, Coicis seeds, celeriac, cabbage, broccoli, liquorice, soya Lezithin, pulverized juice of barley grass, pulverized juice of Acerola grass, red algae from New Scottland different enzyme, Dunaliella Salina algae, pulverized lemon, pineapple extract.

Product Features

When one first begins to use K-BioGreen, the body will go through an intense cleaning and decontamination process. This may result in intensified intestine activity, increased need to urinate, or occasional headaches. In the case of latter feature this can be alleviated by drinking a glass of water. There seem to be no scientific studies supporting any claims made by the makers of K-BioGreen.

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  • K-BioGreen is made from all natural ingredients.
  • This product may help improve your overall health if you don’t eat vegetables very often.


  • If you input something wrong while trying to order K-BioGreen, a popup will appear in German.
  • K-BioGreen is relatively expensive if you compare it to similar products. One bottle costs around $85.00 after shipping.
  • There are no testimonials or clinical trial data posted on the official website.


K-BioGreen doesn’t really claim to be a diet product but instead an immunity and health booster. This product also claims to detoxify your body quickly and naturally. It’s possible that weight loss may be a side effect of the cleansing process and you may have a little extra energy while taking this product. It does contain many ingredients that would be very beneficial for those who don’t get enough vegetables in their diet.

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    Marie Babona

    How long do you take this product?Also please allow testimonials so we can see how it has helped others


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    is it recommended to constipation?