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KAL is a brand of health supplement products manufactured by the company Nutraceutical based in Park City, Utah. KAL is a well-known and well-established brand of nutritional products. The website for Nutraceutical lists over 500 items under the KAL brand, including amino acids, diet products, digestive aids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These products are available for purchase from several online retailers.


The company Nutraceutical has acquired over 22 individual brands of health supplements, including KAL, one of the nation’s first health supplement manufacturers and founded in 1932. While Nutraceutical’s official website lists all of KAL’s products, it does not actually sell them. On the website, customers can learn about the company Nutraceuticals and all of its brand names. KAL products are not sold on the official website, and there are no free samples or money-back refunds offered for KAL products either.

Product Features

KAL products listed on the Nutraceutical website include amino acids, diet products, digestive aids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. One of KAL’s most popular products is the hormonal supplement DHEA. It is sold for $5.99 for 60 tablets of 5 mg each. KAL’s more than 500 products cannot be purchased on the official website; however, they are abundantly available from most other vitamin and supplement retailers.

Nutraceutical does not offer any money-back guarantees or refund policies on its official website. It also does not offer any warnings for its products, so customers should consult their family doctors and carefully research each ingredient before using.

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  • KAL products are easy to purchase online from several retailers.
  • KAL is a reputable brand of health supplements that has been established for over 70 years.



  • Nutraceutical does not offer product reviews on its website.
  • Nutraceutical’s website does not include detailed product descriptions or ingredient lists.
  • Since there are no warnings given for KAL products, customers should carefully research each ingredient themselves before using for possible contraindications.
  • These products are not regulated by the FDA.


KAL is a health supplement brand manufactured by Nutraceutical of Park City, Utah. While KAL products are mostly vitamins and minerals, some of other are blends and contain other ingredients that should be researched carefully before being consumed. This company does not offer free samples or any money-back guarantees for this product. Overall, there is not a lot of trust instilled in this product due to the lack of guarantees, product warnings or refund information.


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