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KAL is one of the older supplement companies. The company was started in California in 1932. Just a short time after the company was started; KAL introduced the idea of taking more than one supplement at a time for improved health. At the time, this was a new and exciting concept. Over the years, KAL has introduced and discontinued thousands of supplements. Today they offer standalone supplements and supplement packs designed to promote every day or address a specific health concern. KAL supplements are available for adults and children.

The official website for KAL supplements is located within the Nutraceutical company website. Nutraceutical is the mother company for several brands. KAL offers supplements for energy, clinical conditions and heart health, among many others.

List of Ingredients

Complete supplement line for nearly every health condition or concern.

Product Features

The online catalog for KAL supplements currently lists 557 products. This may be a bit overwhelming for the dieter looking for weight loss support. There are so many supplements that can support healthy weight that the dieter may find they soon get lost among the supplements. Diet Products listed by KAL supplements include Apple Cider Vinegar, Chitosan and Grapefruit Formula. None of these three supplements offer any proven weight loss support, but KAL may offer a few hidden solutions.

Under the Specialty category, there are several products to support healthy weight and weight loss. The Blood Sugar Formula, for instance, contains several ingredients known to minimize the effect of food on blood glucose. With blood glucose in control, the dieter should suffer fewer cravings and less hunger.

CLA Powder contains a proven ingredient that increases lean muscles and decreases body fat. CLA is best used with a rigorous exercise program, but it is a clinically proven supplement. Probiotic supplements support healthy digestion and absorption of vitamins, nutrients and supplements. Taking probiotics may increase the effectiveness of some weight loss supplements.

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  • KAL supplements offers a product for nearly every health condition.
  • There is an official website and online product catalog.
  • All ingredients are listed for KAL supplements.


  • No dedicated diet or weight loss supplements contain proven ingredients.
  • Stimulants are used in KAL supplements but not in diet products sold by the company.
  • Prices are not listed on the KAL supplements products list.


There are a few supplement companies with a long standing track record. In the 1930s, it was much harder to formulate and sell supplements. Today, a company can be up and running in a matter of hours. KAL supplements have outlasted many generations of company. The company prides on selling all-natural supplements for a variety of health conditions. The dieter will not find supplements proven to boost metabolism in the Diet category, but he Specialty category offers a few proven ingredients and supplements.

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