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Kalor Pro, also known as Kalor Block, is a weight loss supplement by NiGen Biotech. The company sells the supplement directly from the official website where other supplements are also listed. The supplement is touted as the “European Weight Loss” pill. The product description tells the dieter outright – all it takes it two capsules and you will lose weight. This is a statement that could cause the company to be sued by dieters or pulled from the market by the Food and Drug Administration. No diet pill can make a definitive statement like this without risking a lawsuit. There is no mention of diet or exercise. As a matter of fact, the supplement description claims the pill works even if the dieter does not change eating habits.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients listed on the official website.

Product Features

According to Kalor Pro or Kalor Block, the dieter needs to take two capsules for main meals and they will consume fewer calories, leading to weight loss. We assume this means the supplement contains some form of fiber. Fiber is commonly taken before meals to slow down the digestive process, causing the dieter to eat less. While fiber is a healthy addition to any weight loss plan, it does not have the appetite suppressing qualities to keep dieters from overeating.

Overeating is often thought of as eating too much food, but that is not always the case. Overeating can also consist of eating small bits of calorie-laden foods, which drives calorie consumption through the roof. If the dieter does not choose healthy meals and low-calorie ingredients for main meals, Kalor Pro will not cause weight loss. The pill does not help the dieter make better decisions; it simply fills up the stomach to stop the dieter from eating so much.

Without a complete list of ingredients there is no way the dieter should take Kalor Pro. The company is hiding something or selling a product that simply does not work. There are no testimonials or clinical studies referenced. Dieters should beware of any company that refuses to reveal ingredients.

Kalor Pro or Kalor Block sells for $59. The company claims this price if expensive, but it is comparable with other premium weight loss supplements.

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  • May contain a healthy source of fiber.
  • The product sells through the official website.


  • No ingredients are listed for Kalor Pro or Kalor Block.
  • Fiber will not stop a dieter from choosing unhealthy meals and ingredients.
  • The only mention of diet and exercise is in the fine print at the bottom.
  • The label makes extraordinary promises of weight loss.


Kalor Pro is a supplement without an ingredient list, which instantly means the dieter should stay away.

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