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Kampo for Digestive (aka Kampo 4 Digestive) is a type of health supplements manufactured by the Japanese company Honso Pharmaceutical. The company also has a branch in the US called Honso USA which is based in Phoenix. Kampo is the general term for the Japanese use of ancient Chinese herbal medicines. There are three Kampo for Digestive products listed on the Honso USA website: Intestinal Harmony, Stomach Calm and Smooth Laxative. These products are available for purchase from the manufacturer by telephone or online from many online retailers.


In Japan, many types of Kampo medicine have been approved as pharmaceutical-grade products. About 75% of Japanese physicians prescribe some Kampo treatments today. The Kampo produced by Honso is therefore highly regulated and pharmaceutical-grade. On the website, customers can learn about the company, its products, the history of Kampo medicine, read an interview by the company president about Honso’s quality standards, read medical research written about Honso’s products, read news about the company, sign up for a newsletter or get contact information. Medical practitioners can register for tours and workshops held in Shanghai. There are no free samples or money-back refunds offered for Honso for its products.

Product Features

Kampo for Digestive products listed on the Honso website include herbal ingredients common in Kampo medicine. These products are sold for between $18 and $19 per bottle from several online retailers. Kampo for Digestive products cannot be purchased online over the official website; however, they are available from other online retailers.

Honso does not offer any money-back guarantees or refund policies on its official website. It also does not offer any warnings for its products, so customers should consult their family doctors and carefully research each ingredient before using.

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  • Kampo for Digestive products are easy to purchase online from several retailers.
  • Kampo is a reputable form of herbal medicine that is regulated to pharmaceutical-grade quality standards in Japan.
  • Honso’s website includes detailed product descriptions and ingredient lists.



  • Honso does not offer product reviews on its website.
  • Since there are no warnings given for Kampo for Digestive products, customers should carefully research each ingredient themselves before using for possible contraindications.
  • These products are not regulated by the FDA.


Kampo for Digestive is a health supplement manufactured by Honso USA of Phoenix, the US branch of Honso Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese company. While Kampo is fully regulated as pharmaceutical medicine in Japan, it is not regulated by the FDA in the US. Kampo for Digestive products contain herbal ingredients that should be researched carefully before being consumed. This company does not offer free samples or any money-back guarantees for this product. Overall, the fact that these products are regulated to pharmaceutical grade in Japan instills a higher level of trust in the quality of this product compared with similar herbal supplements available in the US.


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    I am diabetic and also have low thyroid, can I take Kampo?