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Karela (Bitter Melon), grown in parts of the Amazon, east Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America, is used for both food and medicinal purposes. Bitter Melon helps regulate blood sugar levels by suppressing the body’s response to sweet taste. This supplement is an effective tool in controlling Diabetes and also promoting overall health. It is not intended for weight loss or diet purposes.

There is no “official” website, as this natural product is manufactured and sold by a number of companies. However, in conducting a search on Google, two of the top ranked pages don’t even exist anymore. This supplement is available on line, through herb/vitamin retailers and locally through health food stores and some pharmacies.


Bitter Melon Extract. The extract contains biologically active plant chemicals including triterpenes, proteins, and steroids

Product Features

Two forms of Karela were found during online searches: capsule and powder. Different websites offer different pricing for each form. At HerbalProvider.com, Karela supplement capsules are sold in 60 count bottles ranging from $11.48 on sale to $15.95 regular price. The pure extract vegi-capsules (250 mg) do not contain added sugar, salt, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Considerable savings (from 34-46%) are offered for buying in bulk at this website.

HerbsMD.com offers the powder form of Karela, priced at $17.77 for a 1lb bottle. This form can be added to teas, or used to make a decoction. It can also be stuffed into capsules, to make your own supplements.

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  • Karela Supplements may help regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • This product contains all natural ingredients.


  • This isn’t technically a weight loss product.
  • We can’t find many testimonials about Karela Supplements.
  • Prices for Karela Supplements seem to vary from site to site.


Karela Supplements have been proven to help regulate your blood sugar levels which could help people with diabetes. The sellers of Karela Supplements claim this will also help you with weight loss but that remains speculation only. If you are diabetic and looking for a beneficial product to help with you blood sugar, you might look into this product but if you want to lose weight, you will probably need to keep looking.

We highly recommend finding a weight loss supplement that contains a thermogenic ingredient because thermogenics help you lose weight both day and night by raising your core body temperature very slightly. Thermogenic supplements are safe and can usually be stacked with vitamins or other weight loss products for maximum effectiveness.

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    Disgruntled HerbsMD customer

    AVOID HerbsMD.com like the plague – DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. They have great prices on their Web site but they don’t deliver anything! They took my money via PayPal, THEN – almost a WEEK later – “queued” my order for cancellation. And they never told me – I only found out my order had been canceled because I logged into my HerbsMD account to see why it hadn’t shipped yet. If I don’t get my money back VERY soon, I will lodge a complaint with PayPal.