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The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, also called the Spoonlight program, is a diet that was designed by Chef Jean-Claude Houdret and used by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to lose 90 lbs in 13 months. The diet focuses on limited consumption of calories and fats, while increasing protein and vegetable intake. There is a book called The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, as well as a website on the diet that sells home-delivered protein supplements. The official protein supplements are supplied by Sun-Rex Paris, a French company founded by Chef Houdret.


The Karl Lagerfeld Diet includes limiting one’s caloric intake to 800-900 calories for the first two weeks while adding protein supplements to avoid losing muscle mass. This diet actually discourages exercise on the grounds that exercise stimulates the appetite. Chef Houdret also promotes using plastic surgery to improve one’s appearance in addition to dieting. There are no free samples or money-back refunds offered for this diet on the website.

Product Features

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet is sold on Amazon for $3.99, however the protein supplements sold on the diet’s official website are pricier at around $50 each including shipping for packets of 7 “sachets” of protein in various flavors. The Karl Lagerfeld Diet sachets of protein cannot be purchased online from any other websites besides the official Sun-Rex Paris website; however, The Karl Lagerfeld Diet book is sold online at most book retailers.

Sun-Rex Paris does not offer any money-back guarantees or refund policies on its official website. It also does not offer any warnings for its products, so customers should consult their family doctors and carefully research each ingredient before using.

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  • The Karl Lagerfeld Diet products are easy to purchase online from several retailers.
  • This diet has the positive customer testimonial of a famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld.
  • This diet focuses on having high quality flavor in every meal.



  • Sun-Rex Paris does not offer any money-back guarantees for the protein sachets.
  • Since there are no warnings given for The Karl Lagerfeld Diet products, customers should carefully research each ingredient themselves before using for possible contraindications.
  • These products are not regulated by the FDA.
  • This diet does not encourage a healthy exercise regimen.
  • Because of the protein sachets and haute cuisine recipes, this diet may be too expensive for many people to follow.


The Karl Lagerfeld Diet is a weight loss diet developed by Chef Jean-Claude Houdret for fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who successfully lost 90 lbs in 13 months on this diet. The Karl Lagerfeld Diet encourages low calorie and fat intake, while increasing protein and vegetables. This diet does not seem to be focused on health as much as it is on appearance, as demonstrated by the fact that this diet discourages aerobic exercise and promotes plastic surgery. Sun-Rex Paris does not offer free samples or any money-back guarantees for the protein supplements required for this diet. Furthermore, the recipes provided in the book are intended to be prepared by experienced chefs. Overall, the average person may have trouble following this diet without the aid of a personal chef to prepare the recipes and the funds to purchase the expensive protein sachets.


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