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Kathy Kaehler is a celebrity fitness trainer and author who has trained Hollywood stars such as Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian. Kaehler sells personal training services to clients, fitness DVD’s, books as well as promoting other products on her official website. She has been a Today Show fitness consultant and was featured as Kardashian’s personal trainer on the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Kathy Kaehler provides exercise videos, meal and nutrition plans, protein supplements as well as recipes as part of her fitness plan. Kaehler emphasizes eating fresh, healthy organic foods. She also suggests organization methods and lifestyle changes that can support eating healthy foods, such as only keeping healthy foods available to eat and preparing healthy foods on Sunday to be eaten during the rest of the week. Kaehler also promotes protein and diet supplements made by Usana, fitness training vests by X-2, Enell sports bras, workout recovery clothing, Dutch bicycles and many other fitness-related products.

Product Features

Kaehler’s books include 10 books on fitness, including one book co-authored with Claude Schiffer that sell on several online retailers from $2 to $13 each. She has also made several fitness DVD’s that sell from $5 to $10 each. Her books and DVD’s can be found from Amazon and many other online retailers. Kathy Kaehler does not offer any money-back guarantees or refund policies on her official website.

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  • Kathy Kaehler products are easy to purchase online from several retailers.
  • This diet has positive customer testimonials of many famous celebrities.
  • This diet focuses on having combining a healthy exercise regimen with healthy eating.



  • Kathy Kaehler does not offer any money-back guarantees for her diets or products.


Kathy Kaehler is a celebrity fitness trainer who has trained many female A-list celebrities. Her fitness plans focus on combining a healthy diet, exercise regimen and lifestyle. She provides stress-reduction techniques, recipes, lifestyle organization plans, exercise videos and many other resources for staying healthy and slim. Kathy Kaehler’s fitness program seems to concentrate on staying healthy as well as looking good. Kathy Kaehler does not offer free samples or any money-back guarantees for this diet or any of her products. Some of the products promoted by Kaehler do not seem to be necessary for weight loss for everyone (such as bicycles). However, Kaehler recommends a well-rounded and holistic approach to weight loss, unlike diets that focus only on eating habits while neglecting exercise, or only on physical appearances while neglecting health. Overall, this diet seems like it will be a healthy long-term diet and fitness plan for anyone, but especially for women.


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