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Kathy Smith has been helping folks get fit for many years, and continues to produce workout DVDs and fitness equipment designed to keep the body lean and mean. Her website is broken down by what your fitness goals might be and weight loss is one of the categories listed here. However, when you search on her weight loss products, you will find a plethora of workout DVDs that will whip your body in shape as it trims the pounds away.

While we like the idea of incorporating a daily exercise program into any weight loss program, we do not believe this is the only factor involved. We prefer programs that include a healthy, low calorie diet along with a safe, proven weight loss supplement that can help you eat less and make the most of those workouts. It does not appear that Kathy Smith’s programs include all three of these elements. However, we will take a closer look at this fitness guru’s products to see if any of them can deliver a complete program to help consumers achieve their weight loss goals.


In addition to a whole host of fitness DVD’s, the Kathy Smith website offers some workout equipment like exercise mats, balls and weights. According to some of the consumer reviews we found, it does appear that Kathy Smith gets into some nutrition and diet information at the end of some of her DVD’s. There is also some information about proper eating habits on her website. We did not find anything about weight loss supplements. While we realize that some fitness experts don’t encourage these types of products, we believe the right supplement can give dieters the edge they need to meet those tough weight loss goals.

Product Features

The products are all available for sale on the Kathy Smith website, and we noticed that most seemed to be offered at a discounted price. The return policy was for unopened items only, meaning there is no try before you buy policy with this company. While this is fairly typical with products like DVDs and CDs, it does make it more difficult for consumers to shop for the best products for them online.

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  • The Kathy Smith programs are heavy on exercise.
  • Kathy Smith is well known as a fitness expert.


  • There could be more nutrition information involved in these programs.
  • There is no specific weight loss supplements included.
  • The return policy is somewhat limited.


There is no doubt that a daily exercise program is essential for successfully meeting weight loss goals. However, we believe the incorporating workouts with a healthy low calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement is the best road to success. Consumers can find many good supplements that will give them the edge they need to succeed with any diet and fitness program.

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