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Kava is a root extract from the Kava Root native to the Polynesian Islands, including Fiji and Samoa. It has been prepared for use in tea by Polynesians for nearly 3000 years as an after-meal snack, but today is being promoted as a weight loss supplement that relives stress and anxiety. Kava is typically sold in pill form as is or as part of a proprietary blend. Current studies about Kava do not reveal any authentic results about its fat-burning power, but those same studies reveal that it does work as a mild tranquilizer. It is also said to have numerous, dangerous side effects if consumed in moderate amounts. Kava’s notoriety is not for its weight loss benefits, and it is actually banned in several countries because it may cause liver toxicity, and in extreme cases, liver failure.

Kava is a native, popular tea to the Polynesians, but today its production is raising important questions about its safety — and if it provides any dietary benefits at all to people who consume the supplement. Current studies at this time reveal little benefits, if any.


Kava Root is typically included in extract form in some diet supplements.

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Kava has been investigated over the years for any health or diet-related benefits, but unfortunately for dieters, there does not appear to be any confirmed diet-benefits and very few health benefits. It has some reported tranquilization effects and has had positive results for people suffering from social anxiety disorder. It also appears to help relax muscles and improve mental clarity. It is sometimes compared to alcohol because it has similar effects — and Kava drinkers have been arrested because the substance made them appear intoxicated.

The only other confirmed effect of Kava is its ability to prevent some cancers, due to how to it prevents the nucleus from mutating, similar to an antioxidant effect. There are plenty of studies covering the side effects of Kava, unfortunately, which include intoxication, liver toxicity, and muscle weakness. Some people have died from liver failure as a result of taking Kava. Furthermore, several health organizations have spoken out against the use of Kava, including the FDA and the CDC. Dieters are advised to take extreme precaution if considering this supplement.

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  • Some evidence shows it may prevent certain cancers.
  • Is extremely inexpensive and can be consumed in many forms.


  • Causes effects similar to intoxication.
  • Several health organizations have spoken out against the use of this supplement, due to the risks associated with it.
  • In severe cases may cause liver failure.


Some diet companies promote Kava as a weight loss supplement, but currently no studies have proven any weight loss benefits, and may actually contain side effects that can worsen certain conditions. We recommend dieters to fully research supplements before they choose the right supplement for their lifestyle, in order to avoid dangerous interactions and ineffective ingredients.

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