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Kay’s Naturals is a food company that specializes in low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat and specialty diet foods. The website includes a complete listing of products and testimonials or reviews from customers who have ordered Kay’s Naturals foods. All products are listed with a complete ingredient breakdown.

List of Ingredients

Gluten free, all natural and diet friendly foods.

Product Features

Kay’s Naturals offers a unique line of foods for people with special dietary interests. Among the food categories is diabetes friendly food and foods compatible with bariatric surgery patients. Many of the foods listed on the Kay’s Naturals website are gluten free, high protein and low carbohydrate choices which allows them to fall into several of the dieting categories.

While food choices are very important to weight loss, Kay’s Naturals charges much more for cereals, cookies and salty snacks that comparable brands found on grocery store shelves. Cereal, for instance, comes in packs of six boxes for $30.00 plus shipping and handling. That breaks down to more than $5.00 per box which may be too expensive for some dieters.

Weight loss is not the first priority for Kay’s Naturals which means many of the products are higher in calorie than diet alternatives. Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereal is packed with protein but also a higher calorie count. Just

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