Keeping Fit 3 Pack Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Many diet and exercise plans are dedicated to the young dieter that needs to lose weight and has a plethora of options to do so. As the body ages, it does not respond to dieting and exercise the same way. Keeping Fit 3 Pack is a series of three workouts designed for the baby boomer. Dieters ranging from 40 to 60 years of age are best suited for this series. The three components of Keeping Fit 3 Pack are Keeping Fit Cardio, Keeping Fit Strength and Keeping Fit Pilates. The name implies the follower will already be fit and in search of a workout series to stay fit, but many users remark about how easy this program is to follow from start to finish. Segments are broken into 10-minute workouts. The follower can choose to start with the warm-up and complete all segments, or skip around to personalize the workout. It is best to always start with the warm-up and end with the cool-down to prevent injury.

List of Ingredients

Exercise DVD for baby boomers.

Product Features

Andrea Metcalf, the instructor for the Keeping Fit 3 Pack, is a certified personal trainer and fitness writer. She is not a mega-celebrity personal trainer so few dieters may have heard of the instructor before looking in to the Keeping Fit 3 Pack. The workouts are designed to increase heart rate, promote bone growth and help achieve balance and flexibility for people in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Many users are well over the age of 60.

Some segments of the Keeping Fit 3 Pack can be followed without fitness equipment, but others require an exercise mat, hand weights and resistance band. This increases the cost of following the workout. As is the case with most workout DVDs, completing the exercises without weights or resistance bands is simple and effective, especially for the beginner.

The intensity of the workout is not easy, but it is not hard either. The instructor uses easy to follow moves, which happen to be performed in a living room setting. There are no confusing, hard to follow transitions and the instructor finishes the workout with the follower.

The Keeping Fit 3 Pack sells for $15.99 for three 50-minute DVD workouts. The series is ideal for cycling workouts. For instance, cardio on Monday, strength on Tuesday, Pilates on Wednesday and back to cardio on Thursday, finishing the week with strength on Friday.

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  • Workout for people new to fitness and exercise.
  • Ideal for the older weight loss crowd.


  • Does not describe a healthy eating plan.
  • May be boring for a younger dieter.


The baby boomers need exercise too and the Keeping Fit 3 Pack is ideal for that generation. The only thing missing from this DVD series is a clear weight loss diet the baby boomer can follow to shed pounds without compromising nutrition.

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