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In the Wellington, Florida LA Fitness there is a small café where gym patrons can order drinks, snacks and smoothies. The café is known by many names including the Keith Friberg Cafe Body. The LA Fitness where the Keith Friberg Cafe Body is located offers top of the line fitness equipment and upgraded bathrooms and amenities. No complaints against the LA Fitness in Wellington, Florida could be found but there are plenty of rip off reports about the Keith Friberg Cafe Body.

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Small café inside the Wellington, Florida LA Fitness.

Product Features

There is very little information on the Keith Friberg Cafe Body aside from negative reports on various consumer reporting websites. The object of the café is to support the needs of gym patrons with healthy drinks and smoothies to boost muscle building and replenish energy spent during a workout. A picture of the Keith Friberg Cafe Body in the Irvine II LA Fitness shows fresh brewed coffee and prepackaged drinks. There is no mention of a menu associated with the café.

Smoothies are commonly used as meal replacements, but are not necessarily a healthy alternative to water or sugar free / calorie free sports drinks. Smoothies are typically made with milk, protein and fresh fruits which can quickly increase total calorie count. When trying to lose weight, smoothies are not going to help decrease daily calorie totals.

Having the Keith Friberg Cafe Body in an LA Fitness gym is also counterproductive for people who just finished a workout. Typically the body kicks into overdrive after a workout which can increase hunger. While there are healthy ways of replenishing the body, smoothies from Keith Friberg Cafe Body may not be the best choice. Without information online, patrons or potential gym members would have to visit the gym to find out the nutritional totals for the smoothies.

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  • Patrons at the gym can access nutritional information.
  • Some smoothies are made with healthy ingredients.


  • Lack of information online makes it difficult for patrons to find out information about Keith Friberg Cafe Body.
  • Several complaints have been filed about Keith Friberg online.
  • Keith Friberg has been accused of being a scam artist.


The reports online about Keith Friberg, who we linked to Syracuse University and the Washington Redskins, though he has no NFL statistics, may not own and operate the best smoothie stands. Dieters should beware that the Keith Friberg Cafe Body has been listed in several rip off reports online for charging too much money per smoothie and physically interacting with customers. The fact that smoothies tend to be high in calories paired with the lack of information online pushes us toward leaving the Wellington, Florida LA Fitness Keith Friberg Cafe Body off the must do list.

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