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Many dieters choose to create low calorie smoothies as part of their weight loss plan. When created with skim milk and light fruit with sugar substitute, there are very few calories in the smoothie but they offer a lot of nutritional benefits. At the Keith Friberg Smoothie Café, customers can buy a smoothie before or after working out at the LA Fitness gym where the smoothie bar is located.

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Smoothies are typically a combination of mil or milk product and fruit. Smoothie bars tend to offer protein and other powders to create a unique smoothie for those who want to boost energy or improve muscle building in a gym setting. These dieters are not the ones trying to lose weight, most of the time. While some gym smoothie bars do offer low calorie options, many dieters may not be willing to ask for nutritional information or calorie total when ordering, which means they could be getting a bigger bang for their calorie buck than they intended.

Looking specifically at Keith Friberg Smoothie Café, consumer reports are negative across the board. We could not find one positive report on the Keith Friberg Smoothie Café in the LA Fitness location in Florida. Consumers and gym patrons complain of overpriced smoothies, horrible customer service and physical altercations with the café owner, Keith Friberg. While we cannot verify if these claims are true, more than one report has been filed on different dates with the same general complaints.

While some smoothie recipes are associated with weight loss, not all are diet friendly. The dieter needs to watch all ingredients closely as adding whole milk instead of skim milk can increase the calorie total exponentially. Consumers must trust the employees at Keith Friberg Smoothie Café to make the smoothie ordered.

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  • Smoothies are a healthy source of calcium.
  • Calcium may increase fat burn.
  • Fruits provide antioxidants.


  • Prices at the Keith Friberg Smoothie Café may be too high.
  • Customers report bad experiences at Keith Friberg Smoothie Café.
  • We could find no official website.
  • No nutritional information is listed through LA Fitness.


We read through five or ten reports against the Keith Friberg Smoothie Café in the Wellington, Florida LA Fitness. While many of the reports read as if they are a chapter in a book, there are too many with several of the same claims to deny them all. Physical altercations with a café owner just to buy a smoothie are not worth it for any dieter. Making a smoothie at home before going to the gym or after returning from the gym is the best choice. If you live in the Wellington, Florida area the Keith Friberg Smoothie Café may not be the place you want to grab a quick, healthy drink.

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