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Keri Glassman is a weight loss, fitness and life professional. She is a published author and creator of the Nutritious Life Cycle. Professionally, Keri Glassman is a registered dietician and holds a Master’s of Science degree in clinical nutrition. As a weight loss expert, Keri Glassman works with local, community and national programs.

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Advice and support from a registered dietician.

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The most prominent issue supported by Keri Glassman is the total body and mind approach to healthy living and weight loss. According to Glassman, no one issue can be resolved unless the entire person is on track and ready to succeed. The Nutrition Life Cycle includes eating, drinking, sleeping, exercise and pampering. Other important daily life goals include love, laughter and creativity.

The newest publication by Keri Glassman is the O2 Diet. Antioxidant rich foods are the topic of the book, but Keri Glassman attempts to do more than just promote weight loss with the 32 day program. Glassman claims very few people understand how healthy foods work within the body and that is the main reason people tend to choose bad foods over good foods. Weight loss, while a welcome change with the O2 Diet, is secondary to healthier skin, better sleep patterns and increased energy – or so Glassman claims.

Small bits and pieces of the O2 Diet can be found online and much of the book is dedicated to explaining how foods work in the body. Excerpts are published in block format with large paragraphs and technical terms which could leave the reader bored and clicking or flipping to another page.

Recipes in the O2 Diet book are listed based on ORAC values. ORAC is the measure of how strong an antioxidant works to reverse the effects of free radicals in the body. One recipe published online offered 4,600 ORAC per serving. Interestingly, none of the recipes list nutrition information like calories, fat, carbohydrates or protein. This can make following the O2 Diet difficult for a diabetic or someone who wants to control carbohydrate levels in food.

The official Keri Glassman website offers links to all available books as well as information on speaking one-on-one with a registered dietician. The book is comparably priced at $24.99. There is no information on pricing per dietician appointments.

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  • Keri Glassman is a registered dietician and self proclaimed weight loss expert.
  • Glassman holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition.
  • Antioxidants are great for weight loss.


  • The O2 Diet does not offer nutritional information for recipes.
  • The program is 32 days, but no overview of the program could be found.
  • Following a diet based on a book is often difficult.
  • There is no mention of exercise plans in the O2 Diet.


Keri Glassman may be a professional, but reading a book about ORAC levels, antioxidants and healthy dieting choices seems a bit redundant. There is no mention of supplementation, but we tend to support a healthy, low calorie diet with no special foods or eating plans, exercise and a proven fat burner.

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