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Keto-Plex is marketed as a hormone stimulator which can lead to increased muscle mass and body fat reduction. Most supplements or substances used for bodybuilding are protein powders, fat burners, or creatine. Unlike these products, the Keto-Plex comes in a spray that is applied to the tongue. The makers of Keto-Plex claim that it boosts and supports the immune system, acts as a hormonal regulator, and stimulates hormone production. In addition, the product is stated as having measurable effects on increasing muscular density and hardness and promoting a defined, lean appearance. Keto-Plex also assists in weight loss and minimizes the break down of muscle tissue. However, most bodybuilders push their bodies to the limit in order to break down the muscle tissue so that it can build back up even bigger. The prevention of this break down may negatively impact the ultimate goal of the product properties.


Distilled Water, Ultra-Concentrated Extracts of Wild Yam (Including 6, 7 and 9 Keto Diosgenin Fractions) in a Colloidal Mineral Complex. The main component of Keto-Plex is wild yam extract. This plant can be used to produce a substance similar to forms of the steroid hormone progesterone.

Product Features

The wild yam extract found in Keto-Plex contains Progesterone which may be what contributes to wild yam’s link to bodybuilding. This steroid hormone is known for its role in muscle increase, fat reduction, and the sexual and reproductive processes. While using a wild yam supplement in order to promote such hormone production is debatable, losing weight through hormone production also lacks any scientific reports to support the benefits promoted.

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  • This product contains all natural ingredients and comes in a convenient spray.


  • Keto-Plex seems to be geared mainly for body builders.
  • We can’t find any user testimonials on the official website.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a money-back guarantee.


Bodybuilders will try anything to get an edge on their competition and this product claims to be able to give them that edge. The problem is, there are thousands of products out there that make the exact same claims. This product is relatively cheap and retails for around $20 and is usually on sale so it couldn’t hurt to try it out if you are into bodybuilding. As a weight loss supplement, this product doesn’t look like it has a lot to offer so we recommend you stick to a well known product that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient.

Thermogenics help your body burn fat no matter what you are doing. Whether resting, being active, or even exercising, thermogenic ingredients have been proven to help you burn fat all day long.

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