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Kettleballs are a new and effective fitness equipment that is commonly used in gym classes and home workouts. Kettlenetics, created by Michelle Khai, is a workout DVD series complete with two DVDs and a four pound kettleball. The program is marketed and manufactured by Gaiam.

List of Ingredients

Two workout DVDs and a four pound kettleball.

Product Features

Kettlenetics offers a quick and easy way to work the entire body in just 20 minutes. The program includes the use of a four pounds kettleball to increase the effect of moves on various muscle groups. Kettleballs have gained momentum in fitness over the past few years and are commonly used in gym based classes.

A strong exercise program is necessary for long term weight loss achievement, but home workouts like the Kettlenetics plan come and go. DVDs require dedication and time spent working out at home which can be difficult for some dieters to fit into their day. There is also the pain associated with working out that keeps people new to kettleballs from continuing on a program like Kettlenetics.

The official website includes written testimonials from customers who have used the Kettlenetics DVD series. Many love the workout, but also complain of muscle aches and pains for days after completing the first beginner DVD.

In addition to a description of the DVD and some brief information on Michelle Khai, contact information and direct ordering of the Kettlenetics program is supported on the official website. Kettlenetics retails for $24.99 for both DVDs and the kettleball which is lower than other workout programs that do not come with workout equipment.

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  • Kettleballs offer a complete workout by forcing the body to balance during movement.
  • The Kettlenetics program is priced lower than comparable programs or kettleball classes.


  • Pain is often associated with Kettlenetics which could turn off some customers.
  • Working out at home requires dedication and time management.
  • DVD workouts tend to be less effective than other fitness choices.
  • Weight loss may not occur for every user.
  • Testimonials do not include before and after photos to show weight loss on the program.


Kettlenetics is a new and exciting workout routine that could be perfect for the fitness buff looking for a home workout. For the newbie, however, the program may be a bit too intense in the beginning. Testimonials are offered on the Gaiam website, but there are no before and after photos to show fitness progression or weight loss. Exercise is key to losing weight and keeping it off, but a proven fat burner may be more beneficial in the beginning than a kettleball workout series like Kettlenetics. There is no reason why fat burners cannot be used in conjunction with Kettlenetics.

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