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Kettlestack is an adjustable kettleball rack that allows the user to change weight to fit their fitness needs. While the creators of Kettlestack want the consumer to believe changing weights is easy enough to do in mid workout, the fact is the removing weight requires an Allen wrench or hex key and several minutes. The unit is comprised of a single handle, bolts, brackets and a hex key. What may be confusing is the fact that Kettlestacks are not shipped with weight plates. The consumer is forced to buy weight plates or use ones from their home gym to complete the kettlebell look and feel.

List of Ingredients

Bracket, bolts, hex key and kettlebell handle.

Product Features

It took a bit of time and searching to realize Kettlestacks are simply frames for weights. The unit does not come complete as shown on the website, but rather requires the customer to purchase weights to complete the kettlebell feel. According to the Kettlestack company, many people already have these weights at home or they will have no trouble finding a friend to lend them the weights to complete their home kettlebell set.

Building the Kettlestack requires three separate sets of weight plates. The “core” is comprised of three to four weights, depending on the width of the plates. These are bolted into place to form the center of the kettlebell. The right and left sides of the Kettlestack then require additional plates to meet the total weight desired by the user. In the website setup, a total of 10 plates of decreasing size are used to create the rounded appearance of a kettlebell.

There are some flaws with the Kettlestack that consumers have commented about on the official website. When assembling the Kettlestack, it is important to assemble them with balance in order to achieve proper fitness and reduce the chance of injury. If the plates are not placed correctly on the frame, imbalance can occur.

The cost of Kettlestack varies based on the total weight the user plans to place on the frame. Base Kettlestack which can hold up to 70 pounds retails for $54.97. Mid, holding up to 85 pounds, retails for $58.97 and High (up to 95 pounds) retails for $70.97.

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  • Adjustable weight could mean more than one user can utilize the adjustable kettlebells.


  • The Kettlestack website is full of spelling errors.
  • At the time of this review, the High Kettlestack frame was listed for $25,000.
  • High Kettlestacks have been out of stock since November 2009.
  • Customers must purchase the weight plates in addition to the frame.
  • Adjusting the weight of the kettlebell can be time consuming.
  • Customers had a bit of trouble balancing the kettlebell weight.


Kettlestacks may be suitable for advanced kettlebell users, but not everyone will enjoy adding and removing weight during a workout. The added cost of plates will bring the total cost of one Kettlestack set to more than $100 which is much more than a complete set of kettlebells.

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