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KettleWorx is a kettle ball program designed to help people lose weight. According to the description, dieters needs only work out 20 minutes, three times a week to lose weight. The three fitness aspects addressed by the program are cardio, core and resistance. There are testimonials on the website, but there is also a link to the Infomercial designed to sell the program. Many programs with Infomercials will compensate dieters to speak highly of the program.

List of Ingredients

Kettle ball based fitness program.

Product Features

The KettleWorx program is sold as a complete set with one kettle ball. The program includes 10 DVDs, an eBook and a five pound kettle ball. The DVDs are tailored to a specific body area such as chest and back or abdominals. Additional kettle balls, nutritional supplements and smaller packages with fewer DVDs can also be purchased.

Despite the great testimonials, which are common on every fitness website, there are no clinical trials or research studies supporting the claims of increased weight loss. The specific claim made by KettleWorx is three times the effect in one-third the time. When a company makes claims such as these, they need to include clinical support.

The KettleWorx program includes only one kettle ball. This could mean the program is focused on beginners or women who may not be as strong as men. There is reference to buying new “Skinny Jeans” made by the creator of the program Ryan Shanahan, leading us to believe KettleWorx is for women.

The KettleWorx program sells for $89.95 with a five pound kettle ball, $99.95 with a ten pound kettle ball, $109.95 with a fifteen pound kettle ball and $119.95 with a twenty pound kettle ball. All DVDs are the same across the four programs. Protein supplements are also available for use with the KettleWorx program.

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  • Exercise is critical for weight loss.
  • The official website offers multiple kettle ball kits.


  • Testimonials could be paid for as part of the Infomercial on the KettleWorx product.
  • There are no clinical trials or research studies backing the claims made by KettleWorx.
  • The program can be expensive.


KettleWorx plays off the popularity of kettle ball workouts. Fortunately, using kettle balls is easy but working out at home can be hard. When starting out, many dieters choose to walk, jog or bike because these activities are the least expensive fitness programs available and offer the greatest rewards. KettleWorx is a bit more expensive than some dieters may want to spend on a new workout program.

The supplement included on the official website is nothing more than a protein shake that can be purchased at any vitamin shop or major retailer. Dieters may wish to choose a fat burning supplement to use with this program or independently to lose weight.

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  • 1

    I just did day 1 yesterday and it was a good start. I am a 25 year old male who hasnt really “worked out” in 5 years but have remained active in various other sports. I am 5’7 145lbs but not realy looking to lose weight. Just want to tone up and get in better shape. My wife would like to lose a few pounds so I think doing this together will be a good thing for us. Day one was difficult but not too terrible to complete. The diet for me is what will be hard. Im not use to eating healthy so hopefully I can remain committed to the diet for my own health but to also help my wife out.


  • 2

    Just finished the 6 week program and while I wasn’t aiming to lose pounds, I did lose inches, tone up and feel alot better about myself. My only question is now that I have finished week 6, do I start over or continue the week 6 workout each week. THey seemed to increase in intensity each week, so starting over, doesnt seem like the best option.



    Jill, I have been using kettlebells for almost a year, if the workout is no longer challenging to start over, just go up to the next size kettlebell. Check the prices @….seem to be the best online.


  • 3
    Nancy Pierson

    I have been trying to get this company to send me authorization to return this product. They say at the beginning of each DVD if you have back or neck pain don’t use. Well they should let people know that before you buy. I am very disappointed in their customer service. The email they give you for service doesn’t work and they don’t call back when you leave a detailed message.


  • 4

    been using kettlebells for 2 yrs they work just bought the kettleworx program for variation to my workout excellent product it works


  • 5

    I like the diversity of the exercises overall and flip between weeks to get more of a challenge. The instructor and music are boring. Sometimes he doesn’t do the same amount of reps for each side, so I count and make sure I’m doing equal reps.


  • 6
    Todd Foster

    I just started the kettleworx program today, and I can see why you can do 3 times the workout in 1/3 the time. It’s because you get your butt kicked! It’s a fast workout thats pretty intense.

    The reason I decided to try the program is because the excercises are simple and you get a full body workout.

    I’m pretty out of shape so I only did maybe 7 minutes of the 20 minute workout. I liked it so far.

    I’ll write in a couple weeks to tell how I’m doing…



    Are you still doing the Kettleworx program & if so how is it working out for you?


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