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Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet is a combination of many diet ideas and theories into one program. There is no evidence that any of the phases or rules associated with the plan will boost HCG, but if the diet is followed as described, it is likely that the dieter will lose weight. The down side? The rule list is long and detailed. Dieters may have difficulty remembering all of the rules associated with Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet. In addition, the organic foods required on the diet may be more expensive than other healthy foods. Details about Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet are free online for dieters interested in the plan.

List of Ingredients

Two phase weight loss system with varying restrictions.

Product Features

During phase 1 of Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet, the dieter is expected to take a long list of supplements including coconut oil, colon cleansers, apple cider vinegar and digestive enzymes with and between meals. Meals are very small with breakfast consisting of one-half a grapefruit, snack being an apple. Lunch consists of a soup or salad with chicken breast and snack is another apple. Dinner is a small meal with salad. The total calories consumed on Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet is similar to that on Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet, around 500 per day. Eating a very low calorie diet can be detrimental to metabolism and health. The body needs at least 1,200 calories per day for basic human functions, not including extra calories needed when the dieter exercises.

There are other problems with Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet. None of the aspects of the diet increase HCG levels in the body. Taking a colon cleanser multiple times per day is also a problem. Natural colon cleansers stimulate the bowels to move more waste out of the body. They can have a diuretic effect, causing dehydration. Laxatives are also addictive. If the muscles of the bowel do not have to work to eliminate waste, they will grow lax and stop working. When the dieter stops taking the colon cleanser, constipation is often a problem and can be a lifelong issue.

There is no cost for information on Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet, but there is a high cost associated with the long list of supplements needed to follow the plan. Organic foods are also very expensive and may not be available to all dieters. Dieters can expect to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements alone, let alone the increased cost on the monthly food shopping bill.

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  • Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet promotes daily intake of green tea.
  • A daily vitamin and other supplements may promote better overall health.
  • Lower caloric intake will reduce weight.


  • The cost of the program is more than other proven weight loss solutions.
  • No increase in HCG will result from eating on the prescribed plan.
  • The low calorie diet could result in increased hunger.
  • Rebound weight gain is likely on the program.


Kevin Trudeau has been promoting natural solutions to weight loss and cancer for many years. Most of his books are considered fad solutions with potential health problems associated with his natural therapies. Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet will increase weight loss and bowel movements. The end result could be substantial weight loss but if the dieter were to follow the weight loss phase with a regular, healthy diet, the dieter may find they are gaining weight eating healthy foods with moderate exercise because metabolism has slowed. Some of the supplements suggested by Kevin Trudeau are healthy and proven to increase weight loss.

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