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Kevin Trudeau has been a celebrity name since he authored his first book, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, but his impact on the weight loss and health world started long before the book was published. After spending time in prison in the 1990s, Kevin Trudeau joined Nutrition for Life which turned out to be a pyramid scheme for which he and his partner were sued by the state of Illinois. After settling the case out of court, Kevin Trudeau turned to late night infomercials. The claims made were the subject of a second lawsuit which left Trudeau unable to promote any products unless they were covered under his first amendment rights – thus we are led to his start as an author and subsequent popularity.

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Several published books on secrets to weight loss, debt, making money and curing illness and disease.

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Throughout Kevin Trudeau’s career as an author, very few peers have supported his claims. His books on natural cures, weight loss, debt relief and making money have all come with unsubstantiated claims, radical views and (most) threats or action by the FTC. The most famous of his books claims to include cures for diseases such as cancer, AIDS and diabetes. According to Kevin Trudeau, the secret cures are being kept quiet because pharmaceutical companies want to keep making money. Unfortunately, many of the cures in the books can be deemed extreme, at best, and none offer research or medical proof that they work.

In the weight loss market, Kevin Trudeau released The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About in April of 2007. The diet plan is based on A.T.W. Simeons an endocrinologist practicing in the 1950s who supported the use of human gonadotropin (hcG) injections in weight loss. When the Simeons plan was first published, the Journal of American Medical Association warned consumers of the potential negative outcomes of the diet and the FTC of the lack of evidence supporting hcG use in weight loss.

Currently, Kevin Trudeau is facing more legal problems in association with court appearance and faulty claims. In February of 2010, Kevin Trudeau was ordered to serve 30 days in jail and forfeit the $50,000 bond he paid when arrested.

The only positive publication offered by Kevin Trudeau may be his book on debt relief. One reviewer claimed the information included in the book was widely available through financial websites and at the local library, but a complete collection of this information could prove beneficial.

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  • Kevin Trudeau books are widely available.


  • Kevin Trudeau has been charged with making faulty claims in his books.
  • He has been associated with a pyramid scheme.
  • More than one arrest has left Trudeau in jail.
  • There are no medical studies to back up his claims.


Kevin Trudeau is not an author any dieter should trust. His name is clearly on the FTC watch list and trusted publications like the Journal of American Medical Association have published articles against the same programs Trudeau supports.

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  • 1
    R Joy

    Trudeau should get into vacuum cleaner sales. There are people everyday who pay $2000. for a $300. vacuum cleaner. Looks like he could sell alot of them. There’s a sucker born every day.



    I dont think so


  • 2
    Darlene Roye

    I agree with Chrissy gentry Kevin


  • 3

    How old is Kevin Trudeau?


  • 4
    kelvin alston

    kevin has a new program about success have anyone check this out to see if its any good


  • 5
    chrissy gentry

    I am a nurse. I bought your book natures cure 2 years ago. It stated nothing. You were on TV saying it was free. I spent an hour on the phone telling each vendor no I do not want their product I just want the free book. After using my check card to pay shipping and handling, I was charged monthly by various scams. I had to close my account to stop the charges. You are a fraud! The federal government sucks, healthcare sucks but you are the worst type of hypocrit!