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The kidney diet is also known as the renal diet. People with kidney disease are placed on a restrictive diet to protect the kidneys and this is where the kidney diet originated. Weight loss is not a primary concern or benefit, though some patients may experience some weight loss due to the change in diet. There are numerous websites and blogs dedicated to the kidney diet and most offer starter information and basic recipes for foods allowed on the plan. As the program is dedicated to kidney disease patients, there is no one book or website designed for people wishing to follow the plan to reduce weight.

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Diet for people who suffer from kidney disease.

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There are no set instructions for the kidney diet. Based on the stage of kidney disease or the severity of the condition, dieters will have a specific set of guidelines chosen by the attending physician. These instructions will help protect the kidney from further damage. Renal dieticians are consulted when kidney disease is diagnosed to create a personalized plan.

Sodium is a major concern with every kidney diet. Sodium helps to regulate water storage in the body. When too much sodium is stored, the body will hold onto water often referred to as feeling bloated or swollen. Water retention is a common side effect of high sodium diets. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, as is the case with kidney disease, sodium levels need to be reduced.

Potassium, phosphorus, protein and fluid intake are also monitored closely. The kidney prevents retention of each, but when the kidney is functioning at impaired capacity, build-up can occur leading to significant health risks and possibly death.

We could find no weight loss benefit to following this diet. Most patients are required to take supplements to maintain good nutrition while protecting the kidneys. The restrictions suggested on the kidney diet could cause negative effects for the dieter with properly functioning kidneys.

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  • There is no cost for information on the kidney diet.


  • Restrictions are not based on caloric intake – but kidney function.
  • Nutritional supplementation is needed to maintain a healthy body.
  • The kidney diet is personalized for each patient by a renal dietician.


While maintaining a healthy weight is important, especially when the body is fighting a condition like kidney disease, we could find no information leading us to believe the personalized kidney diet received by patients will increase weight loss for the common dieter. On the contrary, the lack of restriction on calories could mean the dieter feels they are free to eat more as long as certain aspects of the diet are controlled. The kidney diet was created to protect kidney function, not lose weight.

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    ideal diet for patient of renal failure


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    is tea and coffee allowed in renal diet


  • 3
    Mary Ann huey

    I am in stage 4 of CKD and have been working out with a trainer. Although I have diet guidelines from my renal dietician, I would like some informatiion on a diet plan I can stick to while working out. My food exchanges for the day include 3-4 protein, 5 carb,3 fruit,3vege,3fat 1 dairy. Would you be able to guide me on how to use these exchanges through the day? What should I be eating before i work out and after the work out? I am 4ft 10 and was 167 pounds. i am now 136 pounds. i started with a trainer to lose weight and feel better. i have acheived both. I was concerned that if and when I need a transplant (which I have a doner) my bmi was to high.

    Thank you for your help


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    philip l lopez

    what are symptoms of kidney failure? arthritis?


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    what are low potassium foods


  • 6
    greg nelson

    Can dialysis patients take fish oil?I have been getting carnitor which is basically fish oil. It has helped immensly. Now davita is stopping usage of it. Why would they stop using something that helps me?


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    what are the vegetables allowed for a kidney patient with high sidiumand pottasium level