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Killer QC is a pre-workout and post-workout shake mix from Protein Factory. Most of the products sold by Protein Factory have a complete ingredient list and detailed description. There is an ingredient list for Killer QC. Several of the ingredients on the list appear to be repeats, but a close inspection reveals there are small differences in names. The ingredients are impossible to pronounce, but this typically means the company has listed an alternative name for a product.

Protein Factory does not offer free trials of its products. While this is common with supplements, protein shakes need to be tried before the consumer spends a ton of money on a product they simply cannot pallet.

List of Ingredients

Maqui-500 mg.

Anthocyanin Composition: Delfinidin-3-glucoarabinoside-5-glucoside, Delfinidin 3,5 diglucoside,Cyanidin-3-glucoarabinoside-5-glucoside, Cyanidine 3,5-diglucoside, Delfinidin 3-glucoarabinoside, Delfinidin 5-glucoarabinoside, Delfinidin 3-glucoside, Cyanidin 3-glucoarabinoside, Cyanidin 3-glucoside.

Ascorbic Acid-500 mg.

Product Features

Maqui is a superfood berry with strong antioxidant properties. During times of intense exercise, like bodybuilding, free radical levels rise. Maqui may help fight off those free radicals that often cause cell damage and inhibit muscle recovery. The ingredient list is a bit misconceiving. All of the ingredients in the Anthocyanin Composition portion of the supplement are naturally occurring in the Maqui Berry. These are not additional ingredients just components of one ingredient.

Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C. There is 500 mg of vitamin C, much less than required for optimal immune boosting function. Vitamin C works in a variety of ways in the body, none of which will affect workout strength or recovery directly.

With only two ingredients, Killer QC is the least effective pre-workout / post-workout shake we have reviewed. Typically, a pre-workout shake will have a few more ingredients aimed at increasing muscle strength and energy. The post-workout shake is often laced with creatine and carbohydrates. Protein Factory actually sells classic pre-workout and post-workout shakes. This leaves us a bit confused as to why they would then market this shake mix as being a better alternative.

Killer QC sells for $23.00. The ingredient list does not support paying for $23.00 for the supplement.

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  • Vitamin C is a healthy addition to any supplement.
  • Maqui Berry is a superfruit and antioxidant.


  • There are only two ingredients in the supplement.
  • Maqui Berry will not promote healthy muscle growth or weight loss.
  • No free trials.
  • No testimonials.


Superfruits have been gaining popularity for several years. Most work as strong antioxidants in the body, but antioxidants may not be as healthy as some manufacturers would like the consumer to believe. The body produces antioxidants naturally, so supplementation is only needed in times of stress and intense exercise. If the bodybuilder wants a pre or post-workout shake, this product is not likely to thrill.

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