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The Kimkins diet plan was created by a woman named “Kimmer” as an alternative to low carb diets like Atkins and South Beach. The diet touts itself as a low glycemic diet that works well for all dieters, including those with diabetes or that have had weight loss surgery. It claims to provide quick weight loss to those that adhere to the program. There are also a few different plans included so dieters can find the option that will work best for them.

While we appreciate the fact that the Kimkins diet goes into great detail about how to eat to lose weight, we don’t like its take on exercise. On one web page, dieters are told that exercise is actually unnecessary, although it does offer information and support for members that would like to begin a regular workout program. We believe that exercise is an essential component for a successful weight loss program, along with a healthy, low calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement.


When consumers join the Kimkins program, they pay a singe rate that is good forever. This membership includes the Kimkins diet, food lists, sample menus, a recipe library and an online journal. There also appears to be forums where members can find online support with one another and a workout zone for those who want to incorporate daily exercise into their diet program. Unfortunately, we did not find any sort of weight loss supplement included in this plan. We believe that a safe, effective supplement can give dieters the edge they need to curb cravings and boost the metabolism.

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At the time of this review, the one time cost for the Kimkins diet plan is about $80. This appears to be a pretty reasonable price, considering that consumers have plenty of information and support available for an indefinite amount of time. However, some consumers prefer to try different plans out before committing to a particular one. We did not see anything on the Kimkins website to suggest that there was any sort of trial offer available.

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  • The Kimkins website provides plenty of customer testimonials.
  • The cost of the program is fairly low.


  • Exercise is not emphasized as a necessary component of this program.
  • There does not appear to be any sort of trial offer.
  • No supplements are included in this program.
  • Limited information up front makes it hard for consumers to make a savvy choice about joining the program.


We like diet programs that include ongoing support along with a low calorie diet and daily exercise. However, we believe adding a safe, effective supplement to the mix can greatly increase the odds for success. With limited encouragement to exercise and no supplement whatsoever, we believe dieters might have better luck meeting weight loss goals elsewhere.

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4 User Reviews about Kimkins

  • 1

    This diet is a joke and a scam and very unhealthy. People need to run as fast as they can away from this deadly plan.


  • 2

    There was a $2.3 Million judgement for fraud against Heidi Diaz in the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit.

    Google Kimkins Verdict for more specific details.

    Say NO to Kimkins!


  • 3

    Please ‘Google’ this diet to see all the negative publicity concerning its creator before spending a dime


  • 4
    Martin Higgins

    You skipped over some key problems. The creator is facing a class action lawsuit for misrepresenting the diet with fake success stories including her own claim of losing 198 pounds. She took her ‘after’ picture from a Russian dating site and was in fact still morbidly obese. She also revokes ‘lifetime membership’ to people who ask the wrong kind of questions or are critical of aspects of the program on her forum. Lastly, she was accused of claiming that her diet plan is medically safe without having any expertise to back up the claim.