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Kinect is a gaming system created by Xbox. The unit uses a video camera to recognize the user. As the player moves in front of the camera, the character on the video game moves as well. Kinect Sports is a collection of sports games compatible with the Kinect camera. Six sports are included on Kinect Sports – beach volleyball, bowling, soccer, table tennis, boxing and track and field. Kinect Sports is a multi-player game, so the game accommodates more than one player at a time. Players are usually on opposite teams or they compete against each other during game play.

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Interactive sports game compatible with the Kinect Sports.

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Dieters with an Xbox gaming system and an Xbox Kinect can purchase a variety of games for exercise. The game retails for $39.99 on If the dieter wants to purchase the Xbox and Xbox Kinect along with the game the cost is more than $340. Kinect uses a camera to mirror player movements in game play. The player must kick, punch, jump and move to play sports on the game, providing a fun, interactive means of exercise without leaving the home. There are some negatives associated with the Kinect and Kinect Sports game.

The Kinect requires lots of light to “read” the movements of the player. Wearing dark clothes inhibits game play. Kinect Sports requires a large, open space for movement. Jumping, kicking and running in place increases the risk of injury. Apartment dwellers must be wary of noise levels when playing Kinect Sports. The game is sold for fun and entertainment, not weight loss, so there are no diet guidelines.

While moving your character on the screen may seem like a great workout, many consumers complain that the game is easy to cheat. Standing closer to the Kinect camera or making subtle movements creates a better end result than moving accurately. The boxing game on Kinect Sports, for instance, works better if the player just moves the hands in a circular motion lightly. Swinging like a boxer causes a lag in response and, often, a loss when competing against someone else.


  • Gets the player up and moving.
  • The Kinect reads player movements better than the Wii.


  • Not a weight loss workout.
  • The game is too easy to cheat.
  • Some games are confusing.
  • There is a lag between movement and character response.


If a dieter has the Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect, Kinect Sports is a fun and entertaining means of getting a light workout, but the game is not created for fitness. There are other Kinect games created to help a dieter lose weight that may work better than Kinect Sports.

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