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Kintop 123 is an herbal supplement developed and marketed by SNE Marketing. The supplement is a bit difficult to location on the Internet, which could mean the product has been discontinued, or is no longer for sale. According to third party information, the ingredients in Kintop 123 are supposed to aid in restoring the body to overall good health. Weight loss, however, is not a direct result of taking Kintop 123.

List of Ingredients

Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Radix Astragali, Radix Notoginseng, Radix et Rhizome Rhei, Spica Prunellae and Cortex Eucommiae.

Product Features

Kintop 123 is an herbal supplement based on Chinese medicine. Many supplements of this sort work within the body to restore or maintain organ and basic function health. This could be a great resource for people trying to lose weight as some ingredients used in Kintop 123 may directly affect fat metabolism. Radix Polygoni Multiflori, for instance, is commonly used to support liver health. The liver is directly responsible for breaking down fats in the body and thus the effect could be beneficial. Of course, dieters need to be ware that Chinese medicine often works over long-term use and not in the short term like many supplements claim. Other ingredients in Kintop 123 are typically taken for digestive health, relief of aches and pains and increased energy.

Looking at the total formula, Kintop 123 may not be the worst weight loss / herbal health supplement every created. Unfortunately, the product does not have an official website and no inventory can be located online. There is no information on how much the Kintop 123 supplement retailed for when available for sale.

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  • Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years.
  • Some of the ingredients could affect weight loss in a positive way.
  • Could be taken with a metabolism booster or fat burner.


  • There are no products for sale online.
  • An official Kintop 123 website does not exist.
  • Chinese herbal supplements often require long-term use to work.
  • Long-term use could mean substantial cost.
  • Some ingredients may have a diuretic effect on the body.
  • Diuretics can affect prescription medications.


For dieters who believe in herbal Chinese medicine, Kintop 123 may be one of the best solutions for improving health. The product is created using just a few ingredients that work together to decrease joint pain, improve liver and digestive health and potentially increase energy. These three effects alone can be beneficial during a weight loss program. The lack of stimulant in the formula is also a positive because Kintop 123 could be taken in conjunction with a stimulating fat burner with ease. Unfortunately, Kintop 123 does not seem to be available for sale any longer.

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