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Kintop 123 is an all natural weight loss product created by the China based company, SNE Marketing. This supplement claims to help people lose weight while keeping their bust size intact. Kintop 123 also claims to eliminate the underlying causes of obesity so you will be able to lose as much weight as you feel you need to. Kintop 123′s official website provides visitors with a little bit of information but it isn’t very in-depth.

Numerous websites show that Kintop 123 contains rhubarb extract and a mixture of Chinese herbs. Rhubarb extract can work as a laxative and that could possibly help you drop a few pounds but isn’t recommended. The website does claim that the product regulates the metabolism of fat and prevents the absorption of new fat which may tie into the laxative concept of passing the fat through the body before it can begin to be absorbed. Many blogs claim that the consumption of the pill can reduce hyperglycemia by 30%, blood pressure 10% and blood glucose by approximately 20%. There is no scientific study supporting their claims and in contradiction, most medical assessments condemn the use of laxatives for quick weight loss as damaging to the body. There are no negative reviews or side effects listed on the company’s website.


Kintop 123 ingredients consists of he following natural plant extracts: Precious Chinese herbal combination including Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Radix Astragali, Radix Notoginseng, Cortex Eucommiae, Radix et Rhizome Rhei and Spica Prunellae.

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Kintop 123 was not being sold in retail stores or via the company website so the product may have been discontinued from sale. There is contact information for the company but it is located in Malaysia and may be difficult to reach a representative.

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  • Kintop 123 seems to be made from all natural ingredients.


  • This product may have a laxative effect.
  • We can’t find a price for Kintop 123 and it may be discontinued.
  • It’s a little irritating trying to navigate the official website and there isn’t much information given on the product.


Kintop 123 seems like a product that has come and gone. There is an official website for this product but we can’t figure out a way to order it or even find out how much it costs. The main ingredient in this product seems to be rhubarb extract which is a laxative. There are many products such as Kintop 123 that show up on the diet scene and then disappear without a trace. Usually this is due to the product not working as intended so we advise you to avoid this product if you somehow come across it.

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    yesh i want one too.. it works well on me.. after giving birt to a healthy 4kg baby.. i want cosume it again..


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    where can i get it and how much does it cost?