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What You Should Know

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Kintopill claims to be a “diet pill that really works”. The official website claims that, although weight loss will vary depending on the individual, the average weight loss over 40 days of using Kintopill supplements was 14 pounds. There are clinical studies available on the official website with information on clincal studies involving both rats and humans. These are actually quite detailed, which is very nice to see accompanying any weight loss products.

Kintopill claims to help with weight loss, improve blood pressure, improve cholesterol and blood fat, improve glucose levels, and also improve gastrointestinal and liver function. The manufacturers don’t go into much detail on the official website as to how exactly all of these improvements take place or what ingredients present in Kntopill are responsible. We do know that oolong tea, which is one of the main ingredients in Kintopill, does offer some health benefits and contains numerous anti-oxidants which help your body fight free radicals to improve skin health. Oolong tea may also offer some mild thermogenic benefits.

List of Ingredients

Unfortunately, the full list of ingredients for Kintopill can’t seem to be found anywhere. We did find that this product claims to contain “100% natural ingredients from China”. Some of these are rhubarb and Oolong tea. The official website doesn’t specifiy what else might be in Kintopill.

Product Features

Kintopill relies mainly on the oolong tea and rhubarb, both of which have been used for a very long time in traditional Chinese medicines. But whether or not they have real effects on weight loss is unknown. There are numerous studies available on the Kintopill website that may help you form your own opinion. These do seem fairly positive.

Kintopill is meant to be taken about 30 minutes after meals, and you should take 2-5 tablets at once. The manufacturer, HealthLab Sciences, seems to have a decent track record when it comes to payments and refunds so you shouldn’t have any difficulty obtaining or returning this product if necessary. The ingredients in Kintopill seem very mild if rhubarb and oolong tea are all that it contains. This product should be safe to take for long periods of time with little to no noticeable side effects at all.

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  • Claims to contain all-natural ingredients.
  • Teas of various types have been shown to improve your metabolism slightly, and the medical community is currently very interested in exploring the health benefits provided by various teas.


  • Kintopill doesn’t contain fat burners.
  • Kintopill doesn’t contain an appetite suppressant.
  • Testimonials are questionable as they seem to only be on the official website.
  • The full ingredients in Kintopill are not clear.


Kintopill seems to be a product that is similar to other alternative weight loss supplements. These kinds of supplements keep things simple and promise results, but whether or not they deliver is up for debate. While nothing bad will happen by taking products like Kintopill, we wouldn’t expect any amazing results. While it’s safe to take Kintopill and you can try it relatively cheaply, we would be more likely to take a proven weight loss supplement in place of or in addition to this general-health product.

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