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Kirkland Signature is a brand name offered exclusively by Costco. Third party websites do sell the products, but the least expensive prices on Kirkland Signature supplements will be found through a local warehouse or online at the official Costco website. There are a few supplements offered by Kirkland Signature that may work with a weight loss plan, but none are proven fat burners or supplements that will increase metabolism significantly.

List of Ingredients

Value priced supplements manufactured and sold by Costco.

Product Features

As is the case with many warehouse stores, Costco manufactures a home brand of supplements, Kirkland Signature. The Kirkland name is associated with general merchandise like soaps, lotions and other products in addition to the vitamin and supplement line. Most of the Kirkland Signature supplements are common and found in nearly every store across the United States. Such supplements include multi-vitamins, Vitamin C and fish oils.

Two supplements that may be used in conjunction with a weight loss plan are the Kirkland Signature Fiber Tabs and Omega 3 supplement. Fiber is thought to decrease hunger by creating a full feeling in the stomach. This effect may not be strong enough, for most dieters, to stave off snacking and overeating. Omega 3 fatty acid and fish oil supplements are also part of many weight loss regimes. Omega 3 is often out of balance in the body and supplements can help to return a more balanced good fatty acid level to the body, which can affect the immune system and reduce chances of illness. Some users also claim an increased energy level when using Omega 3s.

The Kirkland Multi-Vitamin Energy Formula contains Asian Ginseng and a complex of B Vitamins. These supplements are often used to increase energy, but will not typically increase heart rate to boost metabolism. Kirkland Signature supplements are priced lower than other brands but a membership to Costco may be needed to purchase. If purchasing online, products range from $6.00 to more than $40.00 plus shipping and handling.

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  • Kirkland Signature products are easy to find online.
  • Complete ingredient lists are published for each product.
  • Prices are lower on Kirkland Signature than name brands.


  • There are no weight loss supplements manufactured by Kirkland Signature.
  • In some cases, a membership to Costco may be needed to order supplements.


Kirkland Signature may offer lower prices on everyday supplements, but dieters need more than Omega 3 and Fiber to lose weight. Fat burners increase metabolism and work within the body to increase calorie burn and thus positively affect weight loss. None of the Kirkland Signature products will work directly in such a manner. If membership to Costco is needed, the consumer may have to pay between $50 and $100 a year to continue buying Kirkland Signature supplements.

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    shirley nakach

    i recently purchased from costco kirkland artichoke hearts halves marinated in oil In the ingredients section it mention vinegar Would you be able to let me know what king of vinegar u use . Thank you


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    linda green

    i am trying to locate a store in columbus, ohio that offers kirkland vitarain water? Please help me. thank you.