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Klein Becker is the manufacturer of the stretch mark cream Stri-Vectin SD. Strivectin SD, some readers may already know, is the stretch mark cream that went on to become an anti wrinkle face cream. The story according, to Klein Becker, is that the cream, which was originally developed by Klein Becker to get rid of stretch marks, was unintentionally used by some women on their faces with enormous success. It is now marketed by Klein Becker as a face cream that will get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.


Klein Becker tells us that the major active ingredient in Stri-Vectin SD is a patented Oligo- Peptide called PAL-KTTS. A full list was not found.

Product Features

Klein Becker has a very detailed and comprehensive website. The Stri-Vectin SD cream which is their main product can be ordered directly from the website at a price of $135 for a 6 ounce tube. There is also a full one hundred percent money back guarantee. The Klein Becker website also contains the results of a two month trial comparing Stri-Vectin SD cream, with the major active ingredient PAL-KTTS, to retinol based creams. Klein Becker tell us on their website that Stri-Vectin SD achieved superior results in diminishing wrinkles and crows feet compared to retinol based creams. The Stri-Vectin SD cream is not the only anti wrinkle cream in their skin care range. Klein Becker also produce a Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum which they say is designed to diminish deep wrinkles. This serum can also be purchased from their website at a price of $153.00 for a bottle of the serum. There is also an eye cream which they say is designed to eliminate dark circles and lines around the eyes. Klein Becker tells us that this eye cream is based on their Stri-Vectin SD cream.

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  • Klein Becker has an official website which is informative and easy to navigate.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee.
  • The Klein Becker range of anti aging products can either be ordered directly online or over the telephone.


  • Klein Becker’s anti-aging products are expensive to purchase.
  • The Stri-Vectin cream is not the only anti aging cream to contain Oligo-peptides.
  • While some comparisons are of Klein Becker products to retinol based treatments are given, we would like to see Strivectin compared to other peptide-based treatments.
  • Klein Becker’s products were not originally formulated to fight wrinkles.


Klein Becker has certainly received a lot of media attention due to its famous stretch mark cream that went on to become an anti aging face cream. We will never know however whether the story that the company tells us is true or whether it was a very clever and original marketing ploy. This being said, the company does have a number of points in its favour including an informative and comprehensive web site and a full money back guarantee. At the end of the day, though, we would like to see more products formulated to fight wrinkles; it stands to reason that if that’s what all of your research and development was for, you’ll end up with a superior wrinkle fighter.

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  • 1
    delores timmons

    strivectin appears to improve my skin appearance, are there any severe side efects


  • 2
    ann kujawski

    The latest T.V. ad for Zantrex 3 is erotic and offensive. They should be ashamed of themselves.