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What You Should Know

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KLVB6 is a supplement that provides nutritional support while dieting. Created by Nutrina, the company’s website doesn’t have much information for buyers beyond a simple ingredient list. No testimonials are posted on the site and no satisfaction guarantee is mentioned. The ingredients in KLVB6 are very basic. Iodine is considered an all natural ingredient for promoting weight loss but there is no scientific research to substantiate this. Vinegar has long been considered as possessing the ability to promote the feeling of fullness. In addition, vinegar, which contains pectin- a soluble fiber that can block the absorption of cholesterol and fat by binding them so they can’t be broken down. Vitamin B6 is popular in many supplements and is said to help with increasing energy and improving mood but there is also no conclusive research to support this claim.

Many websites state that KLVB6 may assist in suppressing appetite, but that it does not provide any necessary vitamins, minerals or protein necessary to contribute to what the body may be deprived of during a diet. Websites do suggest taking additional supplements. While no negative side effects are listed,it’s not a good idea to deprive your body of certain nutrients for any length of time.


KLVB6 contains iodine, lecithin, apple cider vinegar, and vitamin B6.

Product Features

KLVB6 can be purchased through several websites in addition to Nutrina. None of these sites provide any additional information outside of what is provided by the host. In order for a supplement to be truly effective, it should be able to help your body burn more fat, more regularly.

This product contains all natural ingredient that should have a mild fat burning effect and retails for about $6.00 so even if you try it and it doesn’t do much, you aren’t out a lot of money.

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  • This product contains Vitamin B6.


  • This product doesn’t contain a powerful thermogenic ingredient.
  • This product doesn’t contain a powerful fat burner.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a satisfaction guarantee on the sites we looked at.
  • We can’t find any testimonials for this product.


KLVB6 utilizes some traditional, holistic ingredients such as vinegar and iodine and claims to boost your energy and make you feel happier. There isn’t much information to back up these claims on any of the retailer sites we visited however. If you are looking for a very mild supplement that may help you lose a small amount of weight over a long period of time, KLVB6 might be something to check out. Most people want to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time and in that area, this product just doesn’t measure up.

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