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What You Should Know

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Victoria McDowell, a third grade teacher, started Knight McDowell Labs. In an effort to help protect herself from all the germs children brought to school, she developed Airborne. Airborne is a natural effervescent supplement packed with immune boosting vitamins. The product was taken mainstream by Knight McDowell Labs, which eventually changed its name to Airborne Inc and was then sold to GF Capital Private Equity Fund. Airborne Inc or Knight McDowell Labs only produces the Airborne product – no weight loss supplements are available from the company at this time.

List of Ingredients

Airborne – Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Magnesium, Lonicera, Forsythia, Schizonepeta, Ginger, Chinese Vitex, Isatis, Echinacea, Riboflavin and Amino Acids.

Product Features

It seems the ingredients used in Knight McDowell Labs Airborne are not far off from other multi-vitamin supplements. The Proprietary Herbal Blend made up of Forsythia, Schizonepeta, Ginger, Chinese Vitex, Isatis, and Echinacea is, however, unique to this product. Proprietary blends do have one downfall no matter what ingredients are included – there are no total amounts of each herb. The company can choose to add just a tiny bit and list that ingredient if they so desire. The consumer believes there is enough of the herb in the supplement to affect health and immune system function, but that is a belief based on trust.

Airborne does contain some effective ingredients to boost immune power, but that does not mean the Knight McDowell Labs supplement will help someone lose more weight. In theory, the healthier the dieter is, the more apt they will be to continue eating right and working out, so the connection between Airborne and losing weight can be established in that manner. There is always the need for vitamin and mineral supplementation while on a diet as well because many dieters tend to eat foods that are not as vitamin and nutrient dense as the body may need while trying to lose weight.

Airborne by Knight McDowell Labs can be purchased online from authorized websites and offline in many retail stores. The cost will vary, but should be around $7.79 per box of 10 tablets.

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  • Immune support may be a benefit of taking Knight McDowell Labs Airborne.
  • The product is priced lower than comparable brands.


  • Airborne is not a weight loss supplement.
  • None of the ingredients will increase metabolism or fat burn.


Knight McDowell Labs created Airborne to increase natural immune function. These ingredients may prove to benefit overall health, but weight loss will not be a benefit. Some ingredients, like the herbal complex, are a part of a proprietary blend that allows the manufacturer to include ingredients without listing how much is in the supplement.

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