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Kombucha is an all natural organic tea that websites claim has many health benefits ranging from the prevention of acid reflux to curing psoriasis. Kombucha’s manufacturers claim that the tea can give the drinker a general sense of well being. Its origins are from Asia and its base is made from a starch culture like sourdough which is high in antioxidants. It comes in five flavors: The Orient Blend, The Himalayan Blend, The Asian Pear Ginger Blend, The Jasmine Niagara Grape Blend, and The Rooibos Red Peach Blend.

Kombucha is created through a process of fermentation of yeast, like alcohol. However, the alcohol evaporates during the brewing process at which time other fruit flavors are added to the base product of water, green and oolong teas, and yeast. While the product has no fat, there is also no nutrition value listed and appears to be made up of water, sugar and carbohydrates. Reviews on this product are varying in degree. Some users have found this product both enjoyable and medicinally beneficial. Others have found the taste to be negative and health benefits to be completely false. None of the manufacturer’s claims of health benefits have been clinically substantiated. The majority of the websites discuss only the ancient culture from which the tea originated.


Ingredients consisted of water, organic kombucha concentrate, organic green tea, organic cane juice, black currant (cassis) juice concentrate, cherry juice concentrate, and flavoring for each blend type.

Product Features

You can purchase Kombucha Wonder Drink at your local upscale or natural food stores, select restaurants, cafés, coffee houses, independent movie theaters, delis, pizzerias, bakeries, ale houses and spas. The product promises results on everything from chronic stomach ailments, foot fungus, curing colds, clearing up psoriasis, and alleviating nausea.

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  • Kombucha has a very long history of use.
  • Kombucha may help detoxify the body.


  • Kombucha Wonder Drinks taste mildly alcoholic and many people do not like the taste at all.
  • Kombucha Wonder Drink may not be available everywhere.
  • The official website for this product doesn’t offer a sample.


Kombucha Wonder Drink is a product with very old roots. Many people brew it themselves at home by keeping the culture alive and transferring it from pot to pot daily. Some people will claim Kombucha is an amazing cure-all elixir and others will say it’s disgusting.

Kombucha Wonder Drink does seem to have an energizing effect on the body when you drink it. Kombucha Wonder Drink is pasteurized but some brands may not be and that could be very dangerous. Always make sure you get the pasteurized variety of these drinks. We aren’t sure if this product will help you lose weight but you could try some to see if you like it. It’s definitely an acquired taste.

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10 User Reviews about Kombucha

  • 1

    I have to much yeast in my system and going through treatment. Is this product for me or will it interfere with my treatment?



  • 2

    where can i buy kombucha tea?


  • 3

    Have a friend that needs to know the content of carbs in one brewed Kombucha gallon of tea. I brew with a start of 2 cups of sugar with 2.5 cups of water and 6 tea bags and, of course, my scoby.


  • 4
    Mohammed Noor

    When made properly, Kombucha drink is definitely a drink that
    makes you feel healthy. to me it did not do any wonder,but it do give me a feeling of extra strength or power..But it had helped my sister in law
    with her mouth ulcer and correcting her menstrual problems..so she is not going to give up Kombucha for life..


  • 5
    Delores Harris

    I was given a box of Kombucha juice with an expiration date passed 12/23/10. Is it safe to drink


  • 6
    Ann Duncan

    WHY would anyone want pasteurized Kombucha??? The living organisms in unpasteurized Kombucha are what make it pro-biotic!

    Millions thru the centuries have consumed the unpasteurized version and have been quite the better for it.



  • 7

    algae what does it do for you why is it in your drink


  • 8

    does kombucha remove thc trace in your system



    I want an answer to this question, too. Anyone?


  • 9
    sue binna

    I have high blood presure and am taking

    320 mg Diovan. Is Kombucha safe to drink???