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Konsyl or Konsyl Pharmaceuticals is a natural supplement companies formulating products for a variety of health needs. Among the supplement line are products to help naturally soothe issues with acid reflux, cardiovascular disease and constipation. Konsyl also offers weight management supplements in the form of a natural fiber supplement.

List of Ingredients

Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid.

Product Features

Konsyl offers several different forms of natural fiber supplementation including a quick mixing fiber powder and premeasured fiber packets. Fiber is a crucial part of a healthy diet and colon health, but its use in weight loss or weight management is often overestimated. Fiber is thought to minimize cravings and hunger by filling the stomach as it absorbs water. Unfortunately, there are two problems with this theory – differentiation in stomach size and inability to digest large amounts of fiber.

As more food is eaten and weight gain occurs, the stomach can be stretched much larger than average. In order to “fill” the stomach, a large amount of fiber would need to be consumed. For most people, the necessary 35 grams of fiber a day is difficult to meet and when starting a fiber supplement like those offered by Konsyl, the stomach and digestive system cannot handle the immediate jump and constipation or painful gas can occur.

Whenever a supplement like Konsyl fiber is added to a dietary plan, water intake needs to increase dramatically. Psyllium husks are a bulk forming natural laxative, which means waste is gathered for elimination from the body. If too little water is consumed with the fiber, constipation can occur quickly.

Konsyl fiber supplements are the only product listed in the weight management category. Product prices vary due to packaging and formula, but the dieter will pay between $9.50 and $22.99 for one supply of Konsyl. Depending on daily intake, one order could last more than one month.

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  • Fiber is essential for overall health.
  • Complete ingredient lists are available for every Konsyl product.
  • Some products may help improve overall health if not increase weight loss.
  • Products can be ordered from the website.
  • Testimonials are available online.


  • Fiber supplements formulated with Psyllium are available for less than the Konsyl price.
  • Fiber is not a fat burner and will not increase metabolism.
  • There is no proven evidence that increasing fiber intake decreases hunger.
  • Konsyl testimonials do not include before and after photos of weight loss.


Konsyl is not a supplement company offering weight loss products that will cause increased fat burn or metabolism. Konsyl does list fiber as a weight management product. Fiber is supposed to decrease hunger, but gas and painful digestion is often the real effect. Fiber based weight loss is a misconception that many weight loss companies anchor their products on.

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