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Korean pine nut oil claims to reduce appetite and help the dieter eat less. There is no official brand as many different nutraceutical companies manufacture the supplement. According to descriptions online, a recent study proved Korean pine nut oil suppressed appetite in study participants by 29%. Dieters were given 3 grams of Korean pine nut oil. The effect was measured 30 minutes after ingestion. Korean pine nut oil is a source of pinoleic acid. The acid elevates brain chemicals that suppress hunger for up to four hours after the supplement is taken. There are no known side effects of taking Korean pine nut oil.

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Korean pine nut oil.

Product Features

In Greek and Roman times, Korean pine nut oil was used to curb hunger and increase energy, according to information found online. This claim is not that different from claims made by Hoodia manufacturers when Hoodia was a hot weight loss trend. Hoodia was never found to decrease appetite as claimed. Korean pine nut oil is supposedly proven to decrease appetite but Lipid Nutrition who also sells Korean pine nut oil funded the only study referenced online with this result. The study was never published in a major health journal, only presented as a paper.

Some dieters complain that Korean pine nut oil has a terrible taste, which could be the reason appetite is suppressed. If dieters were to eat any food or supplement that tasted bad, it would affect hunger. There is also a lack of long-term studies, so researchers have no idea what the long-term effect of Korean pine nut oil is on the body or on weight loss over time.

Buying Korean pine nut oil online is not difficult, but supplies will vary in price dramatically. Supplies of Korean pine nut oil can vary from $16 to $35. No testimonials could be found for Korean pine nut oil so dieters have to trust in the research results when buying the product.

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  • Appetite suppression could result from taking the supplement.
  • Korean pine nut oil is all-natural.
  • The price is less than typical diet pills and fat burners.


  • A Korean pine nut oil distributor funded study results.
  • Long-term studies have not been completed.


Dieters can choose from a long list of proven weight loss supplements, but Korean pine nut oil is not one of those supplements. Lack of long-term studies and published support for appetite suppression mean dieters have to trust and trust is earned with proven results, which Korean pine nut oil does not have. We suggest trying supplements with green tea or chromium, two ingredients studied for efficacy and safety. Dieters should not have to take supplements without proper research results.

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