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Korean pine nuts are actually seeds and they are said to reduce appetite because they contain free fatty acids which are polyunsaturated. Pine nut seeds themselves are relatively common and can be found in foods such as pesto. In 2006, a study was conducted by Lipid Nutrition, which is a division of the Dutch firm Loders Croklaan, in order to compare the effects of pine nut oil, nut oil and olive oil on the appetites of 18 overweight women. The study was double blind and some of the women were given Korean pine nut, while others were given placebos containing the nut or olive oil.

Women who were given pine nut oil in gel capsule form reported less hunger within thirty minutes of ingesting the pine nut capsules. In addition, researchers found that the women in the study had higher levels of appetite related hormones. These appetite related hormones are responsible for sending a signal to the brain that a person’s appetite has been satisfied. There are no studies discussing the long-term effect of Korean pine nut on weight.


Pine nuts.

Product Features

There are many appetite suppressant products that contain Korean pine nut. One of these products is made by Loders Croklaan, the firm that conducted the above referenced study with Lipid Nutrition.

The only study made so far into the major effects and side effects of taking products containing Korean pine nut was sponsored by a company that produces an appetite suppressant containing the product. The Food and Drug Administration has not weighed in on the effects of adding products with Korean pine nuts in your diet. There is no official website for Korean pine nuts, however, there are many websites for the supplements that contain it as an ingredient. There are no testimonials posted online other than the double blind study by Lipid Nutrition.

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  • Korean pine nuts are all natural.
  • You can use Korean pine nuts as a topping for salads and as an ingredient in many foods.
  • You can get pine nut oil in capsule form.


  • There are no testimonials available for this product.
  • The taste of pine nuts can be overpowering for some people.
  • There haven’t been any long term studies to show how Korean pine nuts effect weight.
  • Prices on pine nut oil capsules vary greatly from website to website.


Korean pine nuts may have some appetite suppressing properties because most nuts can really help reduce cravings throughout the day. We aren’t sure pine nuts will ever overtake Hoodia as the most popular appetite suppressant any time soon though. Pine nuts are a great addition to many recipes but depending on where you live, they may cost up to $20 per pound.

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    Paula Baron

    I am considering taking pine nut oil capsules for weight loss/appetite suppression. I have no thyroid and take synthroid every day along with Benicar for bloodpressure. Would this be a safe item for me to take. Can it give excess energy, as that’s one thing I don’t need.

    Thanks so much,


  • 2
    Joseph Tan

    Would be very glad if you can advise where (the location nearest to Singapore)and the contact, where I can purchase the KOREAN PINE NUT for consumption.
    Thanks – Joseph Tan


  • 3

    where i can buy the koreapine nuts?