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KorFlex is a low impact exercise system that utilizes resistance bands to reduce weight as well as tone and increase muscle mass in users. KorFlex combines aerobics, martial arts and resistance training in one work out. The official website states that KorFlex works out all major muscle groups within one work out.

KorFlex was designed to make working out at home both easy and effective. The actual KorFlex “machine” consists of two resistance bands and handles. When not in use, it can be easily stored under a bed or in a drawer. The official KorFlex website states that you can work out with KorFlex for as few as twenty minutes a day. It also suggests that users may begin to see changes in their body shape after only the first work out. The official KorFlex website has a page of testimonials with before and after pictures of the clients who offered testimony. Many of these KorFlex users site a substantial weight loss within a thirty day period. They also mention the amount of inches lost from their waists. There have been no clinical studies to measure the effectiveness of working out with KorFlex.


There are no ingredients for this product.

Product Features

KorFlex may be sold in retail locations, and it can be purchased on the official website. When buying KorFlex from the website, buyers will receive a package including: one KorFlex, two work out DVD with three workout levels and focus areas, a carrying case to make transporting KorFlex easy, a chart to track your progress while using KorFlex, one set of “Super Toning” sculpting bands, one set of handles and two DVDs (Fast Abs and Quick Buns).

KorFlex was created by Seattle martial artist, Keith Cooke. Cooke has been the Martial Arts World Champion six times and has starred in many martial arts movies.

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  • The Korflex offers a full body workout.
  • The Korflex is very small and can be stored easily.


  • This product won’t work if you are mobility impaired.
  • We don’t see a satisfaction guarantee on the official website.
  • Customer reviews of this product are equally positive and negative on various websites.


The Korflex is basically a handle with pieces of rubber that attach to ankle straps. This makes it a very simple piece of equipment that should last for a long time and is very easy to store. You can even take it with you on vacation or while traveling. The problem we see with this and similar products is that you will have to stick to a set workout plan and not deviate from it if you expect to lose weight. If you have the motivation to stick with an exercise regimen using the Korflex, it’s a relatively cheap alternative to some home machines and it should make aerobics much more challenging. We do suggest adding a powerful weight loss supplement to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

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