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Korr Metacheck is a small machine that can measure a person’s resting metabolic rate. It does so within 10 minutes by analyzing the person’s breathing. The analysis is based on the amount of oxygen your body is consuming. Practitioners attach a mouth piece and hose to the client’s mouth in order to test the breath. Korr (the company that created and manufacture’s Korr Metacheck) states that this individualistic approach to metabolic rate testing will lead to greater success in dieting. Rather than following a diet based on a universal chart, clients can learn how many calories they need to cut back on based on their individual metabolism.

There are no scientific studies to prove that Korr Metacheck’s methods and findings are accurate. Korr’s website posts no testimonials from clients or practitioners. The Metacheck was designed to be administered in a clinical setting and does not seem to be sold for home use. Accessories for the machine are also available for purchase and include mouthpieces.


This product contains no ingredients.

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It is important that clients be relaxed before beginning the test. When taking the test, your nose will be blocked to ensure that you only breathe through your mouth. Korr suggests remaining relatively calm and not taking part in any strenuous activity for two hours prior to your test.

The Korr website gives many tips and hints for weight loss. Their website also has a section that breaks down calorie expenditure into three categories and discusses the differences between active, resting and exercise calorie expenditures. Once your metabolic rate is determined, you will be provided with an individual weight loss plan with both diet and exercise input. The plan developed after your test utilizes your individual metabolism performance as its basis.

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  • The Korr Metacheck claims to help you figure out your caloric needs which may be useful in dieting.


  • If you wanted to buy the Korr Metacheck machine for yourself, it would cost around $3500.00.
  • The official website doesn’t show you if any dieticians in your area have this machine.
  • The machine itself won’t help you lose weight. A dietician will have to help you formulate a plan.


The Korr Metacheck is an interesting machine. It claims to be able to help you know exactly how many calories your body burns while resting, being active, and exercising. This could help you figure out what you need to do to burn calories better. We aren’t really sure where you would begin to find out if an office in your area has this machine so you may have to e-mail Korr’s customer support line or call them. We recommend taking a weight loss supplement that includes a thermogenic ingredient such as Citrimax because it will definitely increase the rate your body burns calories no matter what you are doing.

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