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Kosher Diet guidelines list approved foods blessed by a Rabbi. A Kosher Diet is described in the Torah, leading some Jewish people to believe it is religiously required to eat only Kosher foods. Others believe there are healthy benefits associated with a Kosher Diet. The guidelines for eating Kosher include more than a list of approved and not approved foods. Animals must be slaughtered in a specific way to be Kosher. There is no weight loss benefits associated with the Kosher Diet.

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Jewish-approved Kosher foods.

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The Kosher Diet is a set of guidelines for Jewish people who want to eat according to the rules of the Torah. On a basic level, the diet lists foods allowed and foods that are not allowed. Meats, dairy and fruits are included on the list.

All animals must be slaughtered with a single slice to the throat. Animals dying from natural causes or disease cannot be consumed on the Kosher Diet. The blood must quickly be drained from the animal with broiling being the preferred cooking method to remove any remaining blood. Animals allowed on the Kosher Diet must have hooves and chew cud – cow, sheep, deer and goat, for instance. Rabbits, pigs and camels are not Kosher animals. Foods derived from non-Kosher animals, like bacon and ham, cannot be consumed. Chicken, turkey, geese and duck are Kosher, but no others birds are allowed on the Kosher Diet. Meat products must not be consumed with dairy products.

Utensils used to serve Kosher foods must follow specific rules. Meat utensils cannot touch dairy foods. Utensils used for non-Kosher foods cannot touch Kosher foods. The opposite is also true.

While many Jewish people believe the Kosher Diet is healthier than a traditional diet, there are no guidelines associated with portion control or dieting. The Kosher Diet does not attempt to control how much food is consumed, just what kinds of foods are consumed.

Information on the Kosher Diet is available free online. The Torah, or Jewish bible, also references a Kosher Diet.

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  • No advantages for people trying to lose weight.


  • Does not control portion size.
  • Some Kosher foods are high in fat and calories.
  • There are lots of rules associated with eating a Kosher Diet.
  • Kosher foods are not available in all areas.


A Kosher Diet is not the same as a weight loss diet. Jewish people can lose weight eating Kosher foods, but they can also gain weight eating Kosher foods. None of the literature we found on the diet mentioned weight loss or portion control, so the dieter will need to choose a diet plan to tweak with Kosher foods to lose weight.

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    rabbi don

    Kosher foods are NOT blessed by a Rabbi. They are approved by a Rabbi who is professionally trained to understand the science of kosher as prescribed by the Talmud and halacha.