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With all of the supplements and convenient products at your disposal to aid with health conditions and weight loss, it is definitely prudent to look into things. After all, you may encounter an ideal supplement formula that can assist you. In this article, we are going to examine Kratom. This is one substance you should learn about before trying.

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Kratom is a substance used in certain dietary supplements today. It is a medicinal leaf, and comes from Southeast Asia. As for the tree Kratom comes from, it is in the Rubiaceae family. Two countries that have used this natural substance for years are Malaysia and Thailand. However, the leaf was used for psychoactive purposes (leaves could be chewed to induce a psychological stimulation or effect), and is now illegal in both Thailand and Malaysia. Three components that are found in Kratom are 7-hydroxymitragynine, mitragynine, and mitraphylline. These are all alkaloids. Yohimbe alkaloids like corynantheidine are also found in Kratom leaves.

Like other drugs, Kratom can be used as a pain killer, medicine for diarrhea, and sedative. However, the potency of this natural substance can lead to different effects and reactions in different individuals. According to some experts, Kratom should not be taken in doses larger than 25 grams. It is never safe to drive if you are taking an herbal substance like Kratom. Furthermore, it is wise to seek assistance and advice from a licensed physician prior to taking a drug like this. While this herbal substance can make people feel optimistic and happy, it does not assist with weight loss or overall health/well being.

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  • Like many other substances used in supplement formulas, Kratom is all-natural.
  • This drug may assist you as a sedative or pain killer.
  • Kratom may be able to cure diarrhea, or help it subside.


  • The dosage for Kratom is unclear, and expert advice should be obtained.
  • This natural herbal substance may be addictive.
  • High doses of Kratom may lead to negative reactions like nausea.
  • This substance can induce psychological effects/reactions.
  • Some individuals may be allergic to Kratom leaves.


In the end, it is imperative to investigate any drug, supplement formula, or herbal product before actually taking it. This way you are clear on the potential side effects and reactions. In regards to Kratom, this is not a substance suitable to assist with digestive health, weight loss, or overall well being. More or less, it is an herbal drug that can be used as a sedative or pain killer. However, it may lead to psychological stimulation and drug-like effects. This means that you may experience hallucinations or other unnatural reactions. You should certainly speak with your doctor before taking a substance like Kratom.

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  • 1

    I take Kratom for Severe pain relief, from RA,Fribromialgyia,Lupus,& Non-Hodgkins.. I currently do NOT have INS, and can NOT afford MOST of the Prescription Medications….. My Dr. actually suggested it. It has the affect of Vicodine “which I am allergic too” But as far as weightloss.. FOR ME DOESN’T WORK! it seems to put things in SLOW MOTION… I.E. Not wanting to do much of anything,Constipation,munchies…. if you now what I mean… I will have ins. once I get married in Oct, and the plan is to have a pain pump implanted…


  • 2

    This is such a vague, yet money hungry review of Kratom and other products. Your rating system doesn’t even rate these products on what actually matters! No one cares about “2 patented ingredients”. That just means someone feels they can make money off of it. There are PLENTY of testimonials on Kratom use, not to mention ENTIRE forums and domain names specifically for Kratom. Why don’t you actually try and review it properly…maybe by, hmmm…trying it! If you did, you wouldn’t have such a negative review of the herb. I can’t believe this.


  • 3
    ralph kelly

    Is there any evidence of skin rash and Kratom use?



    There is evidence on peanut butter and skin rash…if you’re allergic. Get my point?