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Krav Maga is a form of self-defense taught to law enforcement agencies across the United States and the world. Fitness programs based on Krav Maga self-defense are available to condition the body and strengthen muscles. Fitness equipment used with the Krav Maga fitness program includes kettle bells, heavy bags and Crossfit stations. Krav Maga training locations are situated all over the United States. People interested in joining a Krav Maga fitness program will need to search for a local training station for more information on classes. Some locations take the Krav Maga name, while others do not.

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Fitness and self-defense program based on training of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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Krav Maga was commercialized by Darren Levine. The 6th degree black belt founded the Krav Maga company and started spreading facilities across the United States. The system started as a self-defense training company for local law enforcement and military. Soon, the desire to learn more about Krav Maga expanded the business to include fitness and fighting (boxing). Krav Maga now holds fitness classes and promotes the Bas Rutten Fight Club.

While the description of the Krav Maga fitness program says all fitness levels are welcome, some facilities and classes use Crossfit stations and intense training. It is important for the beginner to contact a local Krav Maga gym to inquire about beginner fitness classes. Crossfit is an intense workout program with strict rules. The program requires an intermediate to advanced fitness level.

Krav Maga also offers a Fit to Fight program for Krav Maga instructors. The class teaches instructors how to work with all types of students, even those without the aggression and physical prowess to follow the program flawlessly. Keeping students active and interested is the only way to retain students and help them achieve their fitness goals.

There is no mention of pricing. Local Krav Maga gyms will likely set prices for classes and Krav Maga instruction.

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  • Teaches self-defense, fitness and fighting – something for everyone.
  • Instructors are taught to flex the program for all types of clients.


  • No pricing information for Krav Maga self-defense or fitness.
  • Locations are not available in all states.


Krav Maga may be based on self-defense, but the conditioning, fitness and fighting program takes the key elements of the program and turns them into an effective workout program. Krav Maga certified gyms are located throughout the United States, but there are locations without gym coverage. Dieters may wish to call the gym before signing up for a class to ask about fitness level or other “starter” or “beginner” classes that may be available. Prices are set per gym, so the dieter will not know the price until they call the instructor or visit the Krav Maga location.

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    Looking for a krav magna studio in or near Springfield mass


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    I am looking for a training course in new jersey or connecticut.