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Kre-a-fem is a weight loss supplement by All American EFX that is designed just for women. This product boasts that it will help women drop extra pounds, increase strength and enhance muscle tone without uncomfortable side effects that are typically associated with some of the ingredients in this formula. Kre-a-fem is said to provide stimulant-free energy, balance hormones and “combat the stress of daily living”. We will take a closer look at the Kre-a-fem formula to see if it really can deliver on so many promises.

The product is sold on the All American EFX website, along with other body building supplements offered by this company. While the product does not have its own website, the company does provide sufficient information about Kre-a-fem including a complete ingredient list and dosing recommendations. However, we would like to see more customer testimonials backing up the claims of this product than we found on the company website.


The ingredients in Kre-a-fem include Kre Alkalyn (a patented version of creatine), calcium, black cohosh, soy isoflavone, magnesium, iron and CoQ10.

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Creatine is an ingredient used in some bodybuilding products because it has been shown to increase muscle mass. However, creatine has mostly been tested on men, so it is difficult to know whether the ingredient will be as effective on women. It also has been associated with side effects like bloating and diarrhea, although this version is said to eliminate those unpleasant symptoms.

Creatine has not been shown effective in weight loss, and the company’s claim that increasing muscle will burn more fat is true, but a bit of a stretch for a weight loss supplement. Instead, we like to see companies use a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner for best results. These substances do not appear to be a part of the Kre-a-fem formula and the other ingredients seem to be mediocre at best when it comes to promoting weight loss.

At the time of this review, a one month supply of Kre-a-fem costs about $30. The company does provide an unusual one-year money back guarantee on your initial purchase of the product. The dosing instructions on the website are a bit confusing, since it sounds like taking less of the formula will actually be more effective. It is recommended that Kre-a-fem is taken one hour prior to workouts and once a day on non-exercise days.

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  • Kre-a-fem is sold through the company for a reasonable price.
  • The products come with a generous money back guarantee.


  • The main ingredient, creatine, does not have research to back up its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement.
  • Some versions of creatine cause unpleasant side effects.
  • There is no proven appetite suppressant or fat burner in the formula.


Creatine may be an ingredient to consider for building muscle mass, if you can get past some of the unpleasant side effects associated with the substance. However, for weight loss, we prefer a combination of a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner for best results.

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