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Krisda is a stevia supplement used to sweeten foods and drinks. Some stevia products contain Maltodextrin, which can be harmful to diabetics and cause some food allergies in people sensitive to the ingredient. Krisda does not contain Maltodextrin. The official website for Krisda is the same as the Madison Company. The Madison Company is based out of Canada and offers several products sweetened with Krisda as well as a packet form of the sweetener. Currently, there is no official website directly linked to the Krisda product.

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Stevia is a natural sweetener that first appeared in health food stores. It was recently passed by the FDA for use as a commercial sweetener and thus many stevia-based sweeteners can be found in local supermarkets. According to Krisda, these sweeteners often contain Maltodextrin, which can cause a glucose rise in some diabetic patients. Krisda brand stevia does not contain Maltodextrin and thus there is no rise in glucose.

Krisda can be used to sweeten drinks and foods without caloric impact. This means people who wish to lose weight and still consume sweetened foods and drinks such as coffee and tea can use Krisda in place of table sugar, which is high in calories. The fact that Krisda contains no sugar also minimizes the effect on blood glucose, which can be a negative side effect of sugar consumption.

Stevia is also known as a natural fiber, which could increase daily fiber intake. Fiber is essential to good health and is often touted as a natural appetite suppressant. There is no evidence that Krisda will decrease hunger, however. Unlike some other artificial sweeteners, Krisda is all-natural and can be used in cooking and baking.

Krisda is available in 50 gram and 100 gram sizes. One hundred packets of Krisda can be purchased online for $6.49, which is comparable to other brand name artificial sweeteners.

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  • Krisda is an all-natural sweetener.
  • There is no Maltodextrin used in the packet form of Krisda.
  • The product is priced similarly to other name brand sweeteners.
  • There is no sugar in Krisda.
  • Krisda contains no calories.


  • Reducing calorie intake from drinks may not affect weight dramatically.
  • Krisda, though a natural fiber, is not proven to decrease hunger.


Eliminating sugar in the diet can make a huge impact on weight. Replacing sugar with Krisda could, essentially, eliminate hundreds or even thousands of calories per day, for some dieters. The small number of people consuming large amounts of sugar while trying to lose weight, however, means the effect of Krisda on weight will only be beneficial for a small number of people. Krisda will not decrease hunger or increase metabolism.

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13 User Reviews about Krisda

  • 1
    Ruth Burton

    I purchased a package of 200 1g only used a few and the other packages went hard unable to use the remainder. Is there some compensation?


  • 2
    Your Name

    Why do all you packets seem like they have gotten wet? Extremely hard to get product out. I have to use 1.5 packs for normal sweetness of 1. I won’t be using your product anymore, will spend the additional $ to buy Truvia.


  • 3

    We (my husband is diabetic) like to use the krisda sustitude.
    The product turnede hard in the packets. Can one crush it and mix it with water then store it in the fridge. It is very hard to use this way.


  • 4
    Norm Morgan

    I like the product, but the packaging sucks.
    It all went hard in the paper packs.
    Now it is a pain to use.


  • 5

    I don’t have any comments because the package I bought has hardened. Is there any way I can still use it? Thank you in advance for your help. Estelle


  • 6

    I too have had trouble with Krisda hardening in its packets. I was going to submit a complaint using the email address on the bottom of the box but when I entered it I was told it was not a valid address! Now I am suspicious.


  • 7
    Tania Dimech

    I totally agree with all comments above in regards to the powder hardening. Can you please go back into using the original packaging.


  • 8
    Pam Rowley

    I agree the plastic tubes worked much better. It will desolve in hot drinks thou, can’t afford to just throw away. Hope the company realizes the paper packs don’t work and gos bac to the tubes.


  • 9

    I’m looking at the I gradients of Krisda and the second one is MAltodextrin so this is bs.


  • 10

    I love the product but am having a lot of issues with it going from a power form to solid form. Had to throw many boxes of 200 packs away.


  • 11

    Since you switched the packing of the Stevia (Krisda) sweetener from plastic packing to paper sachet – all sachets are no longer in powder form now – as they absorbed moisture. There was no indication on the box that this could happen. Lost the entire contents – I will think twice before buying this product again. Unless the company changes the package to waterproof -packing.


  • 12

    Krisda contains erythritol according to the ingredients list on the package. Erythritol is another sugar substitute than can cause nausea and borborygmi (grumbling noises) in large amounts. My digestive system started grumbling after consuming 4 packets/day. The real question is why is there another sugar substitute in this product?


  • 13
    Sandra soper

    i enjoy krisda,but i find that a lot of the powder is hardened due to the cut part way down the packet to open it .I am after having to throw away several packets due to thisthank you