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Kuding tea is a bitter tea that comes from China. The Kuding tea leaves are long and skinny, resembling a nail. Many websites discuss the tea’s ability to stop inflammation. Many tout its ability to treat colds and sinus infections as well as high blood pressure and to ease pain. It is also said that the tea can assist in weight loss results- although generally they mention the tea having, “slimming results” which could mean the tea simply reduces water weight rather than assists in actual weight loss.

Some blogs devoted to tea discussed the effect that different types of water have on the bitterness of the tea. One blog stated that brewing the tea with a certain type of bottled water made the bitterness lighter. There have been no scientific studies conducted to explore the validity of statements regarding this tea’s ability to assist in general health improvement and weight loss.


Kuding leaves.

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There is no official website for Kuding tea since it is not a product so much as a type of tea leaf. Many websites and blogs exist for and by tea aficionados and they have graciously posted their opinions on the tea’s flavor and health benefits.

Many of the testimonials written about the tea state that the individuals who drink it do so for the health benefits. Unfortunately, none of the testimonials actually reveal the drinker having experienced the health benefits. Most of the testimonials discuss the bitter taste of the tea. Apparently, some grow to enjoy the bitter taste and they state that after the initial bitter sip, you only taste the underlying sweetness. Many more discuss possibly scraping their tongues after the first sip in order to get rid of the bitter taste in their mouths.

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  • Increasing your tea intake helps you stay hydrated.
  • Most teas contain anti-oxidants.


  • Kuding tea is expensive compared to other teas.
  • Tea contains caffiene which some people can’t tolerate well.
  • Third party reviews say this tea is very bitter.


Teas of all kinds have made their way into the world of weight loss supplements. Teas contain caffeine which is a very mild thermogenic and stimulant and teas also contain numerous beneficial anti-oxidants. If you are a heavy soda drinker and eliminate that from your diet by replacing it with tea such as Kuding, you may lose some weight over time but just drinking a lot of tea without altering your diet won’t have much of an effect on your weight. While Kuding tea contains a very mild thermogenic, we recommend finding a weight loss supplement that utilizes a very powerful thermogenic so you can maximize your body’s fat burning abilities.

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  • 1
    Your Namepeter dube

    its a good tea , its just normal i use it and havent seen any side effect .try it its good iam in Zim but its expensive


  • 2
    Your Name eze chuks

    Tell us your thoughts about Kuding Tea.
    It was a nice experience when it tasted it at Owerri, Imo State. It was given to me by a friend.
    My search for it since I return to Lagos has not been fruitful. Pls help me if you can. Thanks


  • 3

    Very good I had a lot of gas and consitipation l feel good


  • 4

    Is true that Kuding help (boost) to get back feelings,coz nt interested in sex wth my husband.Having one child 11mnths @am using prevection injection.Is it ok to use Kuding


  • 5

    I’m in ghana n a friend mentioned da Kuding tea which helped her lose weight but she is reluctant to tell me where she bought it from. Can someone in ghana pls help me with a location ?


  • 6

    I have ceased menstruation, numbness, burning legs and swollen legs? Would Kuding tea takes care of all these complaints or what can I take. can it purged somebody? thanks.


  • 7

    how can. i get it and what is the prace in naira


  • 8
    Abraham Ebehigha

    its OK but the caffin can be reduced it will be better.


  • 9

    well kuding its a good tea but when I drink it it’s make me feel dizzy and all the body its pain full and the chest


  • 10
    Omoijade Jefferson Osifoh

    Just bought Kuding tea and am yet to use it. Having read about Kuding tea benefits, I also discovered that it contains caffeine which I try to avoid as a hypertensive patient?


  • 11

    I bought a kuding tea for my husband. He become very sick after drinking it he was hospitalised.i want to find out about more side effects of kuding tea


  • 12
    Site view

    Am just started using Kuding tea have high blood pressure is it wise to take it even when one os taking nefedipine and HCT if possible what do i start with which one.


  • 13

    Hi I’m going to be trying it 4 the first time I would like to know if it will help for weak erection or If u can suggest any product from the kuding range thank u


  • 14

    i would like to find out if it is advisable for an epileptic person to drink kuding tea.


  • 15

    it helped me when i had flue, i now want to order it to use it more.i can rate it at 90%


  • 16

    chiniz stores


    Michael Izuchukwu-Maduegbuna

    I write to commend those that discovered this God’s given leave “Kuding”. I thank God for the insight they have and for the knowledge, wisdom given to men for it discovery. Kuding is not just a leave, but a herbs for general well been human nature. It is
    beyond its discription, it’s God’s gift to mankind.

    Having thus said, kingly give information on how to get it easyly in Festac Lagos area and Onitsha in Anambra state Nigeria.

    Thank you.


  • 17

    I find that the kuding tea gives my mouth a very fresh feel. However, I also observed that drinking this tea continuously, that is, over a litre everyday causes cramps in the leg muscles especially while I am asleep.
    Once I discovered the cause of the night time cramps I stop drinking this tea for a month and have not had a leg cramp.
    I have now resumed drinking this tea and will try to keep this to one day a week.
    I will comment again in about one month’s time with my findings.


  • 18

    I took Kuding tea for a month and felt some relief in post nasal drip, i got from a friend but would like to buy it from retailers where can I get it in the free state.


  • 19

    can a person take kuding tea with amlodipine besilate a high blood pressure drug?



    Haven’t tried as yet


  • 20

    Can you tell me where I can buy Kuding tea? Preferably, organic–but non-organic will do


  • 21
    kenny Smith

    I’m taking the Kuding Tea now , for my high blood pressure symptom . My reading is dropping . I didn’t know it had caffeine in it . I would like to find a kuding tea that’s caffeine free .


  • 22
    Bob Lutes

    I have used this tea for over a year now and I have been pleased with the ability to increase my kidney function as a result.
    My friend in Kumasi, Ghana sent me a list of four herbs that his herbalist father recommended for increasing the percentage of my kidneys.
    These are: Kuding Tea, Cordyceps, reichi mushrooms and ginseng.
    I am very happy with the results
    This can be purchased at many Chinese herbal shops. Also try to find it at a Chinese market. I have mine from a major Asian food importer, Anhing Corp. out of Los Angeles, CA 90031–I have dealt with this firm for more than thirty years and they can probably give u a local store that carries it.
    There are two good natural sweeteners that will cut the bitterness. These are the stevia plant (from Uruguay) and the blue agave. They are also very natural and safe!


  • 23
    bridget darden

    i was in nigeria last month .my sister gave me kuding tea and iliked it. wher or how do i get the tea?am in the us.



    kuding tea can be found in herbal shops mostly in Lagos. Tell any member of ur family to help u get it.


    Daniel Tasara

    its a good product i will rate it at 90%


  • 24
    John creo

    Do you have caffine free Kuding Tea?


    Laura mcneill

    Do you have caffine kuding tea, and where can i purchase it?



    It has helped me a lot, had fluid drawn in ma spine, couldn’t walk 4 three weeks was in constant pain, after drinkin’ de tea 4 three days saw great. Improvement, now I can walk no pains, jst wanna know if it works with blood clots in head?





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