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Kurt Angle Foods is a prepared menu weight loss program that attempts to help dieters lose weight by taking the difficulty out of cooking and preparing meals. The product description claims dieters can order gourmet meals for an affordable price. There are also several features on the website to help dieters choose a better fitness club and snacks to eat with Kurt Angle Foods. The nutritional platform on which Kurt Angle Foods are created is sound, but may be a bit too protein heavy for the average dieter.

List of Ingredients

Meals prepared with up to 38 grams of protein, 15 grams of fiber and less than 9 grams of fat.

Product Features

There are two meal lines available from Kurt Angle Foods – Signature and Healthier Choice. The Signature line by Kurt Angle Foods offers high fiber, high protein, low fat alternatives to home prepared meals. There are only five foods in the Signature line leaving the dieter with very few choices. Foods available are chicken and rice, chicken and broccoli, salmon and rice, salmon and broccoli and pizza. The Healthier Choice line offers only two meal choices – shrimp and vegetables over rice and chicken and mixed vegetables.

Foods can be ordered as a 12 pack or 24 pack. The 12 pack offers two weeks of meals if Kurt Angle Foods are eaten only once a day. Dieters will pay more than $100 for 12 meals. The 24 pack is good for one month of one meal a day and costs more than $200. There is a $5 savings for ordering the larger 24 pack.

At the heart of every Kurt Angle Foods meal is Ultra Fiber DX created by Barn Dad Nutrition. Ultra Fiber DX combines soluble and insoluble fiber to support healthy eating and reduce appetite. With a higher intake of fiber comes a greater chance of gastro-intestinal side effects such as gas and bloating. At times, these side effects can be very painful.

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  • Prepared meals may help some dieters stay on track.

  • Fiber is a healthy choice in any weight loss meal plan.


  • The meals provided by Kurt Angle Foods are expensive.

  • Portion sizes are very small with a complete meal being about the size of a can of soda.


For the price and portion size, Kurt Angle Foods is not a good deal. Dieters wishing to eat healthier also need to learn how to cook. Even if the Kurt Angle Foods program is chosen, dieters still need to choose healthy meals and snacks for the remainder of the day and there is very little information on the official website about the best way to incorporate these healthy meals into a healthy lifestyle of good food choices.

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