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Kurt Brungardt is a personal trainer and author that lives in New York. He works with his two brothers, Mike and Brett Brungardt at Strength Advantage, Inc. Kurt Brungardt is best known for The Complete Book of Abs, which was published with his body as the cover art. Exercise magazines, newspapers and national talk shows have all called upon the fitness expertise of Kurt Brungardt.

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Various books written by the acclaimed fitness author.

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The Complete Book of Abs is full of nutritional guidelines, ab workouts and total body exercises, which the reader can use to perfect the body. A new version, which is expanded with beginner workouts to decrease stress on the abdominal muscles when transitioning to the more advanced exercises published in the original book, is also available.

Kurt Brungardt has also published a 3-Minute Abs book and the Abs of Steel workout routine. His expertise in the area of abdominal fitness lends itself to the time Kurt Brungardt has spent in the industry. The first Complete Book of Abs was published in 1993 far before many of the more popular ab workout books available today. The book contains more than 100 exercises that can be complete at home to define the abdominal muscles.

As part of the Complete Book of Abs, Kurt Brungardt takes the reader through a six-month program to complete redefine the stomach muscles. This program, unlike many others on the market, takes time and dedication. There are no quick fix options, which could be why the book remains popular nearly 20 years after its first publication.

Kurt Brungardt books and videos sell online for prices between $10.00 and $20.00. New and used versions of all publications are available. There is no official website for Kurt Brungardt that we could find and Strength Advantage, Inc does not seem to have an official website either.

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  • Kurt Brungardt is considered an abdominal fitness guru.
  • The Complete Book of Abs is the bible of stomach fitness.


  • Books tend to rely heavily on reader interpretation.
  • Some dieters may not like having to work out for six months in order to see definitive changes.
  • Abdominal muscles are relatively small and do not burn many calories.


Working out is important to weight loss, but core muscles and larger muscles groups like those in the lower body tend to pack more bang for the work out buck. Abdominal muscles are part of the core muscle group needed for strength and balance, which could make Kurt Brungardt’s advice important, but abs are not the only core muscle. Beginners will need to purchase the extended version of The Complete Abs book in order to take advantage of newbie exercise and extended nutritional information.

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  • 1

    Hello Kurt.
    I have a question for you.
    I’d like to contact you regarding a question about your dad Al, from 21 years ago.

    If you could contact me via email, I’d appreciate it.
    I was his office manager for his Production Company and I wanted to get a little infromation from, either you, Mike or Brett.
    I hope you get this question.


  • 2
    Bill Bekemeier

    I used to have a VHS tape of “ABS of Steel” exercise program by Kurt Brungardt. I used it for years (and loved it) – until my VHS player finally died. Is there anywhere to buy the “ABS of Steel” exercise video on DVD?