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LA Fitness is a gym with classes, fitness machines and weight training equipment. Established in 1984, it is one of the older gym franchises in the United States. According to the gym description, LA Fitness aims to help members achieve a healthy lifestyle. Clubs are located in California, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia and throughout the northeast United States. Dieters must contact the local gym for more information on pricing. The official website offers a free pass, but pricing information is not listed. Most gyms offer discounted rates and new member specials from time to time.

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Franchise gym.

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LA Fitness is a typical gym offering weight training and cardio equipment. The gym also offers a long list of classes for members. Among the classes offered by LA Fitness are basic aerobics, water workouts, belly dancing, boot camp workouts, boxing, cycling, hip hop dance and more. The official website offers a complete list of classes available at LA Fitness locations. There is a calorie burn estimate for each class and a complete list of items the member should bring when attending the class. Not all classes are available at all LA Fitness clubs. For instance, the water workouts require a pool and not all LA Fitness clubs will have a pool.

Working out in a gym environment is uncomfortable for some dieters. While LA Fitness claims to be friendly, offering superior customer service, many of the reviews for local gyms are less than stellar. Gyms tend to bring in new members by highlighting the amenities, but the member soon finds out those amenities come at an additional charge, above and beyond the monthly fee.

There is no mention of diet on the LA Fitness website. Diet is a key element to weight loss. If a dieter eats five Big Macs a day, no amount of exercise is going to burn off those extra calories. There is also the problem with “muscle head” syndrome. Many dieters fear joining a gym because there are “fit” people everywhere. Some gyms offer a beginner’s zone or women-only zone, but we could not find these features mentioned on the LA Fitness website.

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  • Gyms offer a plethora of classes and workout equipment.
  • Specials could make the gym membership affordable.


  • No prices are listed on the official website.
  • There is no reference to a weight loss diet on the LA Fitness website.


LA Fitness is just another gym offering fitness equipment and classes. There is nothing spectacular or different about the gym. Dieters will need to contact the local gym for a complete list of classes and a pricing list before joining.

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4 User Reviews about LA Fitness

  • 1

    Joked this gym and was not worth it. People would bath in the spa and can see dirt on the side. People would stare while you work out. No privacy when working out. Never clear on the prices. Didn’t use my full membership


  • 2
    Margie Soloman

    the pool stinks, literally. I had to quit after no attention, no concern, no replies. One year waiting for a clean pool, no more waiting. good bye LA Fitness, you stink


  • 3
    Margie Soloman

    After 10 yrs @ Ballys I joined LA Fitness Houston, MarqE II location. While the facilities are very clean, there has been a succession of part-time managers that has made any complain difficult to follow thru. I joined mainly for the pool, and it has been disaster after disaster after 2 yrs, and no amount of complaining works. The water is like a green soup, period. It could be a nice pool if some dedicated management took it as a project. It is a bromide pool, and the pump is in a continued state of “brokenness.” Nobody does anything about it, because nobody lasts there. Long story short, I got tired of waiting for cleaner waters and I finally quit the membership. A total shame, since it’s close to my home, but the lack of attention to something this important is dismaying. When I announced my termination, the employees, including Keith, the current operations manager, ignored me totally, and did not even ask the reason of my disatisfaction. They were talking about lunch at the time I was trying to schedule one of the most important facets of my life: exercise for health reasons. Yes, they have cheap membership, but since they pay minimum wage to their employees, LA Fitness sees a constant flowing river of employees, who defect after finding a better job. No “ownership” at the job, no loyalty, which is necessary to manage a place successfully. I predict that this, the Marq EII location in Houston will close within the next year. A for facilities, F for customer service.


  • 4
    Linda Belt

    I joined LA FITNESS and really love it. I have talked to several people that ar also members. I was informed that some people are paying $20.00 per month. I am paying $ 9.95 a week. I would to have my payment changed to $20.00 a month . Thanking you in advance